mortgage application: How to Qualify as a Real Estate Buyer - 04/21/10 09:21 PM
Home Financing For Canadian Homebuyers Simplified
Press Release courtesy of the Publisher, Privilege Solutions Integrated
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Are you quite ready yet to apply for a mortgage? Are you aware of the factors that will make your mortgage application successful?
BC-based publisher, Privilege Solutions Integrated has recently announced the release of the book "Canadian Home Financing Simplified, How to Qualify as a Real Estate Buyer", written by Sheila Atienza.
In the book, "Canadian Home Financing Simplified, How to Qualify as a Real Estate Buyer", Sheila Atienza has outlined the integral factors on how typically banks and lenders in … (0 comments)

mortgage application: Update on Mortgage Rates - 03/25/09 05:15 AM
Mortgage Rates these days have become more attractive to prospective mortgage applicants. Although, the economy is still going through the rough edges, some home buyers or even homeowners who may be considering refinancing or perhaps at the point of renewal, have seen the advantages of how feasible it is to look at your mortgage options today.
Below is an update on our rates.
Mortgage Rates Posted as of March 24, 2009


Sheila Atienza, Mortgage Broker
Dominion Lending Centres Westcoast
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mortgage application: Are You an Immigrant or Intending to Move to Canada? - 03/11/09 02:19 PM
Are You an Immigrant or Intending to Move to Canada?
If you are an immigrant or at least intending to move to Canada, and looking for some information on how you can own your home in time, here's good news for you.
A new book is underway, which will be released by Canadian Publisher, Privilege Solutions Integrated and written by Canadian Mortgage Broker and British Columbia-based REALTOR Sheila Atienza.
The book will help newcomers to have an overview of how to start out a life in Canada; and how they can get ready in terms of personal finance, homeownership and other aspects … (0 comments)

mortgage application: Lower Interest Rates for Canadian Homebuyers - 03/07/09 01:22 PM
Lower Interest Rates for Canadian Homebuyers
Mortgage rates have become more attractive to homebuyers in Canada with the recent lowering of interest rate by the Bank of Canada.
You can see our latest rates at Dominion Lending Centres here as of March 6, 2009:

Homebuyers or even prospective first-time buyers should reflect upon the idea of how feasible to buy these days. Not only that there are more condominiums, townhouses and single-detached homes to choose from but affordability in terms of availing of a mortgage, has even become more evident.
Some homebuyers might have been delaying their action … (0 comments)

mortgage application: Homebuyer's Credit - 10/14/08 05:45 PM
Richmond BC, Canada- Prospective borrowers and homebuyers who have had or likely to go through credit problems are often faced by a question on the impact of public record such as debt consolidation/counselling or bankruptcy when applying for a mortgage.
Generally, record such as bankruptcy as well as debt consolidation/consumer proposal will likely stay in the credit report for a long period of time. In Canada for example, record appears up to 7 years for bankcruptcy. Lenders or banks look at the borrower's profile based on re-established credit (after the bankruptcy or after one had concluded a consumer proposal).
A mortgage broker can look at an application and … (0 comments)

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