legal advice: State of CA wants Property Managers to Act as TAX COLLECTORS - 02/26/09 03:56 AM
Has anyone else heard about this? The Franchise Tax Board has decided to revise a tax law effective 1/2009 making it a property manager's responsibility to collect and remit 7% of rents collected out-of-state landlords.
While there is some ambiguity in the explanation of the law as it pertains to residential tenants vs. commercial tenants, we are faced with a serious problem in that the law has one obvious loophole: If a landlord fires their property manager and collects the rent directly from the tenant, no withholding is required.
Fortunately, we are a small company that would only feel these effects … (1 comments)

legal advice: The Mystery of The Mauled Birch Tree - 02/24/09 12:59 PM
We have a small Sacramento-based management company serving the greater Sacramento region. I have been a property manager for over 16 years now (I started at 24, and am told 41 is young in property manager years). I love the variation that every day brings. New challenges, new laws to work with every year, it is anything but dull.
I am 3 days away from renting a home near Elk Grove. It has been a trying market out there, but we managed to find a well qualified tenant that is ready to move in. I went to the home yesterday just … (3 comments)

legal advice: Landlord's Learning Center- Firm But Fair- A Practical Guide to Tenant/Landlord Relations - 11/02/08 03:43 PM
We signed up a new client this weekend, a very nice woman with a problem tenant in her unit. When I asked her to describe the situation, I was not very surprised, having heard the story a hundred times before over the past 16 years as a Sacramento property manager.
The tenant said they'd pay last week, but they did not. The story keeps changing, and now they were 1.5 months behind on the rent. This was the reason she was signing up for property management. She was hoping that we could get her tenant back on track. I hated to … (1 comments)

legal advice: Landlord's Learning Center- Beware the A.D.A. Scammers, A Cautionary Tale of Avoiding Extortion~ - 10/27/08 12:41 PM
As the Broker/Owner of a small (100 single family units) property management company, I try to stay on top of the learning curve. By attending classes on a yearly basis, I keep up to date on legal issues affecting our industry.
I had the privilege of attending a class sponsored by the local Rental Housing Association. The subject was ADA Compliance. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) was created to insure fair and equal treatment of people with disabilities. Unfortunately, with any new law comes a host of people trying to capitalize on it.
One common area where ADA is used to … (0 comments)

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