management services: Good, Better, or Best? Which Do You Think Your Clients Prefer? - 05/07/09 11:36 AM
As a property manager in the greater Sacramento area, we are often compared to other companies with differing philosophies on just how the job should be done. With over 16 years of management experience, I have had some time to consider how we want to be identified in the marketplace, so I have taken measured steps to insure our services meet or exceed our client's expectations. To demonstrate what I mean, we'll use a little excercise we like to call "Good, Better or Best" in relation to various aspects of property management and how different companies handle those aspects. Here goes...

management services: New City of Sacramento Inspection Ordinance- Good Idea or Blatant Money Grab? - 10/28/08 06:06 AM
If you are a Landlord with a rental unit within the City of Sacramento, you've probably heard about the new inspection law that passed. As a property manager, we have been party to several inspections now, with more to come as we manage approximately 25 properties within the City limits.
Before you get you inspection notice, take the time to inspect your property to see if you are likely to pass. Bear in mind, these code enforcement officers are looking for ANYTHING to write your property up for, including:
1. Abandoned or inoperable vehicles
2. Overgrown vegetation, or trash debris of … (1 comments)

management services: Landlord's Learning Center: Sales, Management and Maintenance- Three Services Often Linked Together, But Best Left Apart. - 10/27/08 10:47 AM
We've all heard the tag lines "all under one roof", or "big savings with our in-house services", or "one-stop shopping". They all sound like great ideas, as they insinuate that we are receiving a bargain by getting more than one service from the same place.
Such is the case with diversified companies that do property management. The most common examples are the Management and Sales company, followed by the Management and Maintenance company. As a Property Management Broker with 16 years experience doing only property management, I have my own beliefs on the subject of diversification, especially when it leads to … (0 comments)

management services: Landlord's Learning Center: Winter Chills Are Coming. Are Your Pipes Wrapped? - 10/25/08 06:23 PM
I remember growing up how I always loved the wind and the rain, but as a property manager during the winter, all I can think about during a storm are my roofs (will they leak) and my fences (will they fall). 
Before the mercury plunges, make it a point to wrap your pipes. It's cheap, effective, and sure beats having the plumbing burst in the ceiling on a chilly morning.
If you are headed over to your rental anyways (I have a few homes to inspect out of the 100 or so I manage), check your smoke alarm and … (0 comments)

management services: Which Property Management Company to Choose? A Few Tips on Finding the Right Sacramento Management Company. - 10/24/08 01:20 PM
Finding the right management company to look after your investment takes time and research. There are many companies out there, each with it's own philosophy on how things should be handled. Here are a few tips:
1. Check out the company's DRE record at the Department of Real Estate website.     
2. Check out the company's BBB record at the Better Business Bureau.
3. Do some more research online. One of the great things about living in the information age is the abundance of information available at such sites as,,  etc.
4. Ask the … (0 comments)

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