petland: Happiness is pets - Class Action Lawsuit - 03/07/12 05:28 AM

Class Action Lawsuit Filed against Happiness is Pets
Customers take legal action with the help of CAPS, which continues
to protest HIP stores and collect consumer complaints
CHICAGO, Ill. – A class action lawsuit was filed against Chicago area-based Happiness is Pets (HIP) on Valentine's Day. The story is unfolding quickly as more customers have come forward with complaints of sick puppies since the first cases of distemper were reported last month. With the help of the Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS), six unsatisfied customers, so far, have decided to seek legal action against HIP's and store … (1 comments)

petland: Calling All Illinois Residents - Action Needed! - 01/08/12 08:23 AM
Illinois residents please take two minutes of your time to help the dogs who are suffering in puppy mills....   Please sign and share the petition:  Ban The Sale Of Cats & Dogs In Pet Stores In Dupage County Illinois   Pet store puppies come from horrific puppy mills.  The only way to stop puppy mills is to close the stores.  Our top pet stores, Petco and Petsmart all have gone humane.  They used to sell dogs and cats but realized where they were coming from and now host adoption events instead.  It's time the other pet stores followed suit. There are 9 … (0 comments)

petland: Happiness is pets - Can I see your breeders? - 11/02/11 09:19 AM
Happiness is pets in Chicago should be held libel for fraud.  They have a fancy new website with a section called "Happiness is pets and puppy mills."  Take a look at the site and see the cages, they are like aquariums. 
They put the puppies in the aquariums with the plastic or wire bottoms so their little paws fall through all day and night.  Nobody there to oversee them at night.  What if they have to go out in the middle of the night?  They just sit in their poop. And what about during the day?  Has anyone EVER drove by a puppy store and seen puppies outside?  Nope, they are … (12 comments)

petland: Please get this video on CNN! - 01/30/11 01:04 PM

Do you have pet stores in your town that sell puppies?  Do they tell you these puppies come from reputable breeders?  Well they are lying to you.  Puppies for sale in pet stores come from puppy mills.  The consumer is being lied to when the owners of pet shops say their puppies come from reputable breeders.  Some owners will say they "hand pick their puppies" and only work with the best USDA breeders.  This is a lie and it's fraud. 
Attached is an undercover investigation from The Companion Animal Protection Society that is a must see for … (0 comments)

petland: Puppies For Sale - 12/11/10 11:41 AM
Puppies for sale!  Are you looking for a puppy to bring home? 

Did you do a google search and find a thousand websites with cute cuddly puppies running in a field of flowers?  Did that website impress you?  They had pictures of the family holding the puppies and sometimes they had the puppies sitting on velvet blankets.  They must be really loving and caring people.  And oh look, you can just give them a visa number, pick out the dog and they will have it shipped to you!  Wow!  

The pretty pictures are … (8 comments)

petland: HB5772 - Pet Store Disclosure Bill - Illinois - 04/04/10 12:17 PM
Illinois Pet Store Disclosure Bill - HB5772
Active Rainers we need your help!  
Please re-blog and spread the word! 
Illinois has passed HB5772 in the House and now it's on the way to the Illinois Senate. This is a law that will make it mandatory for the pet stores to disclose where they get the puppies.  The bill as it reads is in the link below:
Illinois residents please call the reps listed below and ask them to co-sponsor Bill HB5772, The Pet Store Disclosure Bill.  Sometimes they change the bill numbers, so make sure to say "Pet Store … (5 comments)

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