idx: Growing Your Business Through Easy Lead Management - 12/19/16 10:10 AM
Ask any real estate professional and they’ll tell you one of the best parts of the job is the freedom to own your own brand and content.  It just so happens freedom is also why agents and brokers love WordPress.
The WordPress CMS (Content Management System) platform provides REALTORS every opportunity to tailor their site, build SEO, and stand out from the crowd.
Want a different look? Change themes.
Want more functionality? Add a plugin.
Want to target a specific audience? Customize your content and links!
Combine WordPress functionality with near real-time IDX data and you have a robust marketing resource that goes beyond your personal … (4 comments)

idx: Five Common IDX SEO Myths - 03/15/12 09:59 AM
The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means different things to different people. While there's not enough time in this blog post to explain every SEO technique available to REALTORS, there is enough space to dispel some common myths! 

Before getting into the details of each myth, let's talk first about what SEO is, and is not. First off, SEO is not the same as PPC (Pay Per Click). The goal of Best Practices SEO is to spend AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE to maximize ORGANIC traffic from search engines such as Google and Bing. Basically, it's about getting … (22 comments)

idx: What's the Ideal Lead Capture Technique? - 11/01/10 07:07 AM
Many people theorize about the ideal lead capture settings, but few seem to know what works best for the majority of Agents using a particular IDX or lead capture tool. So we brought out our thinking caps, and Excel spreadsheets, to bring you some numbers.
Where to start? IDX Broker is the IDX search tool we know (and built), so we'll kick off this discussion with the options available via anonymous datasets for these lead capture settings:
Request/Force registration on search Forms. Request/Force registration on search results pages. Request/Force registration on listing details pages. Request/Force registration on listing details pages after x … (43 comments)

idx: IDX Broker | Now with a free, brandable iPhone application - 12/21/09 06:36 AM

idx: IDX Stimulus Package - Same Price, More Benefits - 10/14/09 11:52 AM
Every Wednesday we huddle up for a Development meeting. This is where we discuss the new features for the week. Some of these features may impact specific customers. Others are "behind the scenes" updates that add to the architecture of the IDX Broker platform.
Now, for the fun stuff!
Today's feature release is very exciting for all of us. And not just because our fantastic Developers gave up many, many lunches to build these out. These features are exciting because they add additional depth and functionality to our Office and Agent accounts, at the same, flat-rate price...
Here's what we'll be … (4 comments)

idx: Why go static when you can be dynamic? - 10/07/09 12:05 PM
According to a survey conducted by, search engines look for keyword use and relevancy in the title tag. This is great in theory, but what does this mean to a Realtor™ with an IDX website? You basically have two options; you can build a page that frames another page...or you can pull one link. Why build a new static page and then frame a dynamic page for each single set of results or each individual property? That sounds like a lot of work! With that said, some designers can put IDX forms, results, and listing details inside a frame, or … (3 comments)

idx: Cut through the Clutter with IDX Email Updates - 07/13/09 06:56 AM
Many agents believe that buyers and sellers check their email hourly, looking for generic and sometimes redundant tips about how to buy a home. This is simply not how email works for most buyers.
What is email, really? Email is a medium that demands a lot from the user. Email often forces people to:
Unsubscribe to keep their inbox manageable. Delete all non-essential messages. Leave email where it is and simply ignore 99% of emails.   All new email/newsletter/drip campaigns to arrive often struggle unsuccessfully to catch the reader's attention.
How do you cut through the clutter? Timely, relevant listing information … (17 comments)

idx: IDX Broker Distressed Property Field Availability - West Coast MLS's - 06/30/09 09:43 AM
Many investors, first-time home buyers, and speculators are eager to buy up distressed properties.
Agents and Brokers can attract these buyers using IDX custom results pages. These pages are very easy to create, tag, and build in IDX Broker.
Search engines scour the internet looking for content that matches billions of search queries per day. Leverage these current market trends to match buyers with sellers. Post and organize these properties on your website so that visitors can find what they want quickly.
Below is a table of West Coast and Northwest MLS providers that offer these fields via … (2 comments)

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