marketing: 50 Ways to Market Yourself as a Real Estate Agent - 12/18/19 09:27 AM
Marketing yourself as a real estate agent can seem overwhelming. The amount of time it takes to create marketing materials, publish, and promote yourself can seem unrealistic when you already have a million tasks to do. But we have curated the fastest and easiest ways to market yourself and attract leads as a real estate agent. These tips are designed to build relationships with leads and produce an actual ROI.
1. Attract Niche Leads with Specialized Landing Pages:
Did you know that you can use IDX to create individual niche landing pages on your real estate website? Examples include pages for mountain view … (2 comments)

marketing: Buying Buddy IDX CRM is now integrated with SABOR MLS - 10/02/19 10:00 AM
Buying Buddy IDX CRM ( has been integrated with the San Antonio Board of Realtors- SABOR MLS. Buying Buddy aims to make real estate business more predictable for real estate agents in Texas.
The Buying Buddy IDX CRM real estate lead capture and customer relationship management (CRM) platform has integrated with the San Antonio Board of Realtors MLS, also known as SABOR. Buying Buddy IDX CRM was designed to make real estate agents’ businesses more predictable. This is accomplished by attracting and capturing new real estate leads online, building the loyalty of leads with specialized property alerts, and managing customer relationships from … (0 comments)

marketing: How to Market Real Estate Listings in 2019 - 02/14/19 09:23 AM
This week over on our Single Property Sites blog we are breaking down how to market real estate listings in 2019. This year video, crowdsourcing, refined descriptions, and interactive experiences are trending.
Are you using video? 73% of homeowners are more likely to list with agents who do.
What do your listings look like?

marketing: Buying Buddy IDX CRM Launches in Miami - 10/08/18 02:48 PM

Buying Buddy is taking Miami by storm. The Miami IDX CRM is now serving Jupiter, Coral Gables, Northwestern Dade, Broward, and the greater Miami area. The two-in-one IDX CRM is designed for Miami real estate agents who need more free time and help growing relationships with future clients.
Buying Buddy works by beautifully displaying property listings on any Miami Realtor’s website. While website visitors look through listings, Buying Buddy works to capture their contact information. The Relationship Management (CRM) system then stores all of the contact information. From there, agents can review homebuyers’ search activity, send tailored emails, schedule calls, automate drip campaigns, … (0 comments)

marketing: Generating Leads on your Website - 05/01/18 11:10 AM
Generating leads with your real estate website is critical for your business. If you don’t have a list of strong leads to work with, then the flow of new business will come to a halt. 
Luckily, there are many ways to optimize your website to generate qualified leads. Include these strategic lead capture pages on your website, and you can generate more prospects and win more clients for your real estate business.
1.  Create an Outstanding homepageYour homepage is a great chance to make a good first impression!
It’s a good idea to include your contact information and logo on every page, preferably in … (0 comments)

marketing: Review Your Process to Grow Your Real Estate Business in 2018 - 11/16/17 08:30 AM
We are rounding that corner into the holiday season, which means we are also coming to the end of the year and the time-honored year in review process.  Agents and Realtors® will be looking back over 2017 to see where they made gains and where they still need improvement.  Before you look at making changes in your business, be sure you look closely at your current process to grow your Real Estate business in 2018.  Remember the old adage “there’s always room for improvement”.
Check out out latest blog for some places you should review for improvement before you make changes in … (0 comments)

marketing: Is Your Email Marketing Strategy Tired? Click Here for a Refresh - 06/07/17 03:12 PM
It feels like we have been doing email forever at this point and we should have it all down. Although email marketing remains one of the most effective tools in the marketing tool belt, it is also one of the most mismanaged techniques used by Relators®.
It's not that there isn’t a desire, but to many, it feels so every day that there is not enough thought around putting an actual strategy behind it. But when managed with a strategy, email marketing remains one of the best ways to build your brand and name recognition, keep your name in mind and keep … (2 comments)

marketing: SEO Can Be Tricky, So Learn the Tricks - 05/05/17 03:29 PM
Feeding your marketing and sales funnel is a never ending process. The more demanding we become as an industry and as consumers, the more dedicated effort it will take to fill the funnels with relevant leads. One of the more sophisticated strategies used in digital marketing is an SEO program. The depth and breadth of your program is directly related to your page ranking success, which is directly related to your website traffic and lead acquisition.
For those who are seasoned in the SEO “game”, congratulations, I know it can be a tough road. For beginners and freshmen, here are Five tricks … (1 comments)

marketing: Set Yourself Free From Costly Bundled Lead Generation Services - 01/04/17 03:53 PM
When it comes to full-service marketing/lead generation companies and their business model we have heard it all.  Maybe you can hear yourself in some of these sentiments that our clients have shared with us over the years.
 We have “been there, done that” with full-service marketing and lead generation companies. It worked well on some levels for us, and a few of our colleagues had great success, but the cost was enormous. As I paid our huge invoice each month, I would think “I could do this myself if I had the right tools,” but I don’t want to lose the … (1 comments)

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