real estate crm: What the heck is CRM in real estate? - 02/12/19 10:37 AM
This week we are breaking down what exactly a crm for real estate is. Software shouldn't be a mystery for the people who use it. The goal of a real estate crm is to connect with leads, convert them into clients, and help them stay happy and connected to their real estate agent. At its heart, a real estate crm is a relationship-building software. Check out the full article, here. 

real estate crm: My Buying Buddy integrated IDX/CRM Suite now available for Northstar - 05/15/18 01:04 PM
My Buying Buddy IDX / CRM suite has integrated with Northstar, to provide an advanced IDX/RETS lead capture solution with a CRM lead management platform to agents in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.
Blue Fire Group Inc. has announced that its My Buying Buddy® IDX real estate lead capture and customer relationship management (CRM) platform has integrated with Northstar. As an approved IDX partner, My Buying Buddy provides a simplified real estate marketing, lead capture, and lead/client management process into a single solution for Agents, Teams, and Offices in Southeastern Florida.
Northstar members can receive the My Buying Buddy IDX RETS feed as … (0 comments)

real estate crm: Building Relationships in Real Estate to Overcome the “No” - 10/16/17 08:35 AM
Hearing the dreaded word “no” can be daunting and discouraging, especially for newer Realtors® and Agents.  However, attempting to overcome Buyer objections with rapid-fire “come backs” to their objections will only breakdown rapport and hurt the relationship.  By providing the Buyer helpful information that addresses their concerns you will be able to nurture the relationship, move it forward and overcome the "no".
Some objections are unfounded, but some are real issues you can help Buyers overcome People don't want to be sold to Moving a relationship forward in Real Estate doesn't always mean a sale now Whether your Lead is ready … (1 comments)

real estate crm: Real Estate Niche Marketing- Taking it From Theory to Reality - 09/26/17 10:39 PM
The world of Real Estate sales is so vast it is impossible to be all things to all people.   Even if you could somehow do it all, it would still be impossible to reach every market segment through marketing. These are just several of the reasons why niche marketing has seen such a rise in popularity and has become the go-to strategy for success.
Taking the Real Estate niche marketing from theory to reality it requires a plan. Realtors® that make a plan and then set it in motion are far more likely to find success than those who perform marketing activities … (3 comments)

real estate crm: Tips on How to Fuel Your Real Estate Marketing Machine - 08/23/17 12:14 PM
Whether you are a part of a large brokerage or an independent Realtor, the options of how to fuel your machine are endless. So how does one decide what to direction go with so many options?
Don’t think about marketing in a compartmentalized way. It’s not “old school” vs “new technology”. It is about how we pull what works for our Real Estate business/Team from all the available options. Don’t get hung up on any one thing, find the synergy. Some of the most successful Agents and Brokers blend traditional methods with new concepts and a lot of personal touch. Below are … (0 comments)

real estate crm: Agents & Brokers Who Enhance Their Skillset with Technology Go Further Faster - 08/09/17 10:00 AM
We have said it before and will say it again, technology is not going anywhere, so you might as well embrace it instead of just giving it a handshake. The fear among Agents is real, but if you face the fear you will find ways to use it to provide an exceptional experience for your customers and set yourself apart from the pack.
Traditional disruptors in Real Estate like Zillow and Redfin could soon look like small potatoes in comparison to the disruption that could be caused by an Amazon, and judging by recent events, that type of disruption might be closer … (2 comments)

real estate crm: The Gerardi Group Makes Big Change To Beat Zillow in The Local Market - 03/04/17 04:30 PM
Niche marketing has been a buzzword in Real Estate for quite a while now. However, it has recently taken a turn from buzzword/trend to a way of life for many Real Estate companies. For companies looking to beat syndicates, they have to go local- they have to go “niche”.
Although niche marketing was already a strategy for the Gerardi Group @ Coldwell Banker Town and Country, having the right tools to execute on that strategy has been a challenge- until now. They recently chose the Buying Buddy IDX CRM Suite (MBB) to take their online presence and marketing to the next level. … (2 comments)

real estate crm: New Year, and a New CRM for PimeSource - 01/16/17 01:38 PM
It’s a New Year, and a new you! That’s the mantra for many as we enter this time of new beginnings and renewal.   The same goes for PrimeSource, a successful multifaceted Real Estate company in Orlando, FL.
After taking a long hard look in the mirror at their old clunky CRM system, PrimeSource did the only thing they could. No, they didn’t give it a fresh look with Botox®! They knew it required a much bigger overhaul: a total facelift. They decided to leave behind their previous solution and move to a more modern system- The Buying Buddy IDX CRM Suite (MBB).
PrimeSource … (0 comments)

real estate crm: Implementing a Real Estate CRM in 2017? Be Sure It Has These 6 Things - 12/15/16 03:17 PM
Are you among the many Agents and Brokers who are considering implementing a Real Estate CRM solution in the New Year?  If you are, this list is for you as you consider what functionality is important in a Real Estate CRM.
Evaluating CRM solutions is a process that should be taken seriously.  The investment you make will cost you more than just cash.  You must also make a serious investment in time to establish the processes and procedures that you will use to will make the financial investment worthwhile.  Your CRM coupled with your process is what will allow you to close … (1 comments)

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