seo: How to Use Real Estate Infographics + 25 Examples - 08/14/19 07:00 PM
Infographics are one of the greatest kept secrets for attracting traffic, online. Most real estate agents don't use them because they don't realize how quick and easy they are to make. Plus, they can be generated in minutes for free. This week on the blog, we have put together the quick guide for making real estate infographics + 25 awesome examples.
Some of the top reasons real estate infographics are great for real estate agents are:
And best of all they are super simple to make. Check out our guide below and don't forget to check out the latest blog post for more … (0 comments)

seo: SEO Can Be Tricky, So Learn the Tricks - 05/05/17 03:29 PM
Feeding your marketing and sales funnel is a never ending process. The more demanding we become as an industry and as consumers, the more dedicated effort it will take to fill the funnels with relevant leads. One of the more sophisticated strategies used in digital marketing is an SEO program. The depth and breadth of your program is directly related to your page ranking success, which is directly related to your website traffic and lead acquisition.
For those who are seasoned in the SEO “game”, congratulations, I know it can be a tough road. For beginners and freshmen, here are Five tricks … (1 comments)

seo: Your SEO- Do Search Algorithm Updates Complicate Your Niche Marketing? - 04/26/17 09:21 PM
One of the key trends in Real Estate marketing today is hyperlocal marketing or niche marketing. Many Realtors® know that having their boots on the ground in their communities have huge value, and they are using that specialty knowledge to win the battle with syndicates.
It is easier to rank high or even first in community or neighborhood searches. SEO is a tricky task to master, but many of our customers are up for the challenge. They depend on the Buying Buddy IDX CRM to help them in their quest to rank high in local searches and bring in the leads. However, … (0 comments)

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