atlanta home inspectors: Secrets Revealed in the Rain - 02/27/14 12:29 AM
Sometimes a little bit of rain will reveal a secret. 

What do you suppose this means?
My wish for you today is to find something unexpected. Hopefully, the unexpected find will lead you to a complete understanding of something you always wanted to know!
I hope you are all having a Terrific Thursday!
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We look forward to working with clients and agents during the real estate process. Experience the … (1 comments)

atlanta home inspectors: Wordless Wednesday Atlanta Style - 02/19/14 01:09 AM
Wordless Wednesday Atlanta style
This was on my way home after a late inspection a few days ago. 

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atlanta home inspectors: Buyer's Must Haves = Chandeliers and Model Railroad Rooms? - 01/16/14 12:28 AM
   Are you planning a renovation? One no-no that Learnvest suggests is forbidden is ornamental lighting (Bianchi.2014). “Some people go all out when decorating a dining room, but the next owner may want to turn the dining room into a bedroom, so it’s often a waste," Rockower of Learnvest states.  Even though you may think this chandelier is the best thing since sliced bread, the next guy may think it is hideous. 
So what are you supposed to do?
Try to suit your needs for less, especially if you plan on moving one day.  Unless, I suppose, you decide … (2 comments)

atlanta home inspectors: First Impressions - 12/11/13 01:34 AM
First impressions are everything!

The Atlanta Home Inspector agrees that potential home buyers will need to be interested in the home upon first glance in order to even make it through the front door. Here are a few inexspensive fixes to consider before listing your home:
1.  Weed and seed your lawn.Mulch where needed. Make sure plants, trees and shurbbery are trimmed.
2.  Clear and wash sidewalks. Pressure wash siding and windows.
3.  Make sure the front door is suitable. If there are any issues with the screens or glass, repair them.
Once the buyers have entered the home make sure … (5 comments)

atlanta home inspectors: Snakeskins and squirrel droppings, not what most buyers ask for in a property - 11/22/13 02:37 AM

Yes, that squirrel is cute as a button scampering across the roof. Don’t forget those bugs minding their own business under the windowsill or the snake that keeps other critters at bay.  While it is evident that every living being has a purpose, sometimes the destruction to property is not worth the co-existence. 
       For instance, that squirrel that is so charming outside, can wreak major havoc in the attic. Digging holes in insulation to give birth to little babies, leaving behind droppings that can carry disease, and gnawing away electrical cords are just a few things that … (0 comments)

atlanta home inspectors: Non-Invasive Atlanta Home Inspections - 11/14/13 11:36 PM
    The key word to remember during the Atlanta home inspection process is  “VISUAL”. The inspection process is non-invasive.  We do not pull apart, pry, move, or open items. Any sight of cracks in foundation, chimney, roof or any other major area of the home will be recommend to a professional for further investigation. We crawl under the house, walk on the roof, check plumbing, HVAC,electricity, exterior and interior walls.   
    Our Atlanta home inspection reports indicate either repair, routine maintenance or replace as options for items on the list. We are often complimented on our easy to read reports … (0 comments)

atlanta home inspectors: Are you getting clients from Facebook? - 05/03/13 01:33 AM
   Facebook, as infuriating as it seems to be at times, has also helped our business. The Atlanta Home Inspector  has recently noticed that clients are sending personal messages via Facebook to inquire about and schedule home inspections.
This is a good and a bad thing!
It is good because people are reading our content online and engaging with us. In turn, they are requesting our services and helping our business.
It is bad because there are certain hours that we do not have anyone monitoring our business facebook account. What this means is that sometimes the client's questions are … (2 comments)

atlanta home inspectors: Log Cabin Inspections with the Atlanta Home Inspector - 02/21/13 12:29 AM
While nothing can compare to the emotion, the ambiance, or the restorative nature of the mountains, there are a few contrasts to consider regarding the composition of your log home retreat.
We dislike spoiling your relaxation, so here are a few items the Atlanta Home Inspector suggests to keep in mind about your log home:
• Look to see if there is any timber rot or any sort of past water damage. Make sure to check the top, ends, and corners of logs.
• Fungus or mildew can appear on logs in dark streaks. Look for any indicators of this occurrence.

atlanta home inspectors: All Coiled-up and Hissing - 07/06/12 01:16 AM
On occasion, the Atlanta home inspector will encounter a slithery serpent, all coiled up and hissing. When inspecting an Atlanta home’s exterior, it is important to remember that snakes like to hide in flowers, shrubbery, long grasses and bushes. This is one reason why keeping a tidy yard is important. It is also very important to familiarize yourself with snakes that are indigenous to your region.  Luckily, the snake in this photo was living in a glass habitat, in the basement, as a pet.
          Did you know that snakes can strike from a distance that is half their body … (9 comments)

atlanta home inspectors: Forget About the Pricetag! - 02/01/12 02:16 AM
Atlanta Home Inspections
"Forget about the pricetag," Jesse J. proclaims in her pop tune. Do you or your clients sing that song? It would seem that in today's market, price is a deciding factor for several aspects of our everyday living.  What is a pricetag anyway? Does the cost of something tell us the benefit attached to an item? 
 When you go to a restaurant, do you choose menu items completely by their dollar amount? If I were to guess, I would say, probably not. Choosing a menu item is based on the benefit of the meal. You order … (3 comments)

atlanta home inspectors: Behold the Radiant Beauty- Literally, it's Radiant! - 12/28/11 03:06 AM
 Picture it - Douglasville, Georgia, December 2011 - The inspectors are providing there usual detailed and friendly service to a wonderful couple and their well established agent. For the most part, this inspection has been busines as usual.  The appliances have all been noted, models and serials recorded for RecallChek, the roof has been walked, the outlets  tested... the list here can go on and on. For the stories sake and the sake of losing an audience, we will now descend the well crafted steps into the lower regions of the home to examine the underbelly, because this is where the … (4 comments)

atlanta home inspectors: Mortgage Underwriters are bad guys~ right? - 11/11/11 04:19 AM
In the high noon showdown of mortgage lending, the last draw is reserved for the Underwriter. He/She stands at the ready, rules and regulations holstered, but under thumb. They get the last shot, the fatal denial or honorable acceptance. Villains, they may seem , to agents and consumers, but if you ever meet one face to face, they don't seem so bad.
I got the chance to listen to a panel of Mortgage experts, a few of which, were Mortgage Underwriters. Their job is a dastardly one, after all. They have to determine if you are worthy or not, and that … (3 comments)

atlanta home inspectors: A Two Dimensional Representation of the Atlanta Home Inspectors! - 10/05/11 05:04 AM

 Atlanta Home Inspector, Atlanta Home Inspector, Http://
 Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of our Atlanta Home Inspectors! They are a couple of hardworking gentleman, who take great pride in being detailed, thorough and helpful. They continue to educate themselves, so that they can keep clients and agents informed during the home inspection process. Whether it is Walking the roof, scouring the crawlspace, or testing your appliances… they will provide you peace of mind, one home inspection at a time!
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When … (0 comments)

atlanta home inspectors: Don't Let the Big Bad Wolf Huff and Puff and Blow Your House Down! Read this article by the Atlanta Home Inspector Instead! - 10/03/11 06:19 AM  Take a look around, you will see brick homes that are still standing today, which were built hundreds of years ago. In fact, companies such as ACME Brick provide a 100 year Limited Guarantee for Homebuyers.  With a guarantee like that, there must be substantial evidence that bricks should not only be the smartest of the three little pigs choices of home, but also, perhaps, your choice.
Brick is energy efficient keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Rotting, is not an issue with brick (imagine little to no upkeep or maintenance)  and because bricks will … (3 comments)

atlanta home inspectors: Unruly Shrubbery Woes Unearthed by The Atlanta Home Inspector - 09/20/11 05:17 AM
During Atlanta Home Inspections a common find for us, is overgrown or untended shrubbery. In these instances, the unruliness of the shrub can cause a host of issues.
When shrubbery grows too close to your home's siding, moisture collects and can cause deterioration. Algae, mildew and mold growth can also occur. Of course, there is also the possibility that you are providing a smorgasboard for wood destroying organisms, such as termites.
It is also a good idea, to keep shrubbery from growing into your gutters or downspout systems. The overgrown limbs can impede the process of proper drainage.
It is true … (3 comments)

atlanta home inspectors: Storytime with The Atlanta Home Inspector - 08/18/11 05:11 AM
  Atlanta home inspector .  Every Attic tells a story.  What story will your attic tell?  Will it be a drama full of supporting characters that fail, like broken trusses or rafters,  with the general theme relying on a special code?
 Maybe it will be action packed with a burning past,complete with smoke, soot, and mismatched rafter color. That would be firey , indeed. Perhaps it is a horrific tale, with lurking monsters, who gnash their teeth, whip their tales, or hiss as you advance in their direction.
An ensemble cast is always a good adventure, the water works ensue, especially when one character leaks … (4 comments)

atlanta home inspectors: Self Promotion tips shared by the office of the Atlanta Home Inspector - 06/22/11 08:29 AM 
There are many ways to self promote your business. This is just one blog describing the benefits of networking. 
In this business of blogging sometimes it is difficult to determine what is to be left in or what is to be left out. Sometimes it is difficult to determine what is important vs. insignificant.  What might be relevant to one group might not be relevant to another.    
This second link, should only be read if you are interested in self promotion. Not everyone enjoys marketing themselves or reading about others who do.  If you are interested in learning how … (1 comments)

atlanta home inspectors: North Atlanta Couple Chooses a Roof Walker - the Atlanta Home Inspector! - 06/21/11 06:13 AM
A North Atlanta couple search the internet for a roof walking home inspector and find IHI Home Inspections. Here they provide their testimony regarding the service they received, the explanations provided, and the overall experience with the company. If you are searching for the right home inspector, the one that will provide a thorough report and take the time to explain his findings, then you need look no further than IHI Home Inspections. David Lelak spends 3 hours or more per home to ensure that all parties involved get the details. To book appointments on the web quickly and conveniently visit … (0 comments)

atlanta home inspectors: Atlanta Home Inspector Finds a Murky Water Frog Friend - 05/31/11 07:49 AM  Warm weather has made itself right at home in the South. As the sun beats down, many find themselves heading to the pool or nearest water source for some relaxation and recreation.  Our critter friends are no exception to this rule, as seen in this froggy photo. This little fellow is enjoying himself immensely in the murky waters of a back yard pool. He wasn't alone, but he was the most photogenic!
If you want a thorough home inspector on your side when you're buying a home,that will provide a thorough computerized home inspection report call us today 404-788-2581 … (1 comments)

atlanta home inspectors: A/C Units walking off in the middle of the night? Not at this Atlanta Home Inspection. - 05/23/11 07:33 AM    Not sure if this is a precaution to keep them from "walking off at night" or a mistake!  However, it is apparent that the only way to remove these particular A/C units  is to bust them out with a sledgehammer.  Even if you are in an area that is known for various items walking off this probably was not the best solution. If there is any problem with the units, they cannot be removed or easily fixed.
If you want a thorough home inspector on your side when you're buying a home,that will provide a thorough computerized home inspection … (5 comments)

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