home inspections atlanta: Wordless Wednesday Atlanta Style - 02/19/14 01:09 AM
Wordless Wednesday Atlanta style
This was on my way home after a late inspection a few days ago. 

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home inspections atlanta: Yes! We are even frozen in Atlanta - 01/27/14 02:09 AM

   I realize this may not seem all that impressive, especially since many of you have been buried in snow and experiencing a lot of ice.  However, here in the Atlanta area, this is a rarity.
  We normally do not have to worry about water pipes busting due to frigid temperatures or frozen water lines. Although this home did not have any of those issues, the outside water feature did succumb to the bitter cold. 
Our local weather stations are predicting even more freezing temps this week. Even though today we are reaching the low 50's, by tomorrow … (7 comments)

home inspections atlanta: Don't Let Santa Crash Land at Your House - 12/13/13 01:11 AM
Chances are, if you have been nice all year, Santa will be paying you a visit the night before Christmas. When he arrives in his reindeer-drawn sleigh, will he be able to safely land on your roof or will he crash and burn?

    To keep Santa and his reindeer injury free you may need to consider having a maintenance roof inspection performed. A roof inspection will cost you, but it is a lot cheaper than what it will cost you if undetected issues wreak havoc. 
Worried about weak spots, broken shingles or leaks? Have the roof … (3 comments)

home inspections atlanta: Snakeskins and squirrel droppings, not what most buyers ask for in a property - 11/22/13 02:37 AM

Yes, that squirrel is cute as a button scampering across the roof. Don’t forget those bugs minding their own business under the windowsill or the snake that keeps other critters at bay.  While it is evident that every living being has a purpose, sometimes the destruction to property is not worth the co-existence. 
       For instance, that squirrel that is so charming outside, can wreak major havoc in the attic. Digging holes in insulation to give birth to little babies, leaving behind droppings that can carry disease, and gnawing away electrical cords are just a few things that … (0 comments)

home inspections atlanta: Put Down the Turkey Leg and Lace up your Sneakers on Thanksgiving - 11/14/13 11:23 PM

While some of us are focused on stuffing and cranberry sauce, others in the Atlanta area will be lacing up their sneakers for the 2013 Atlanta Half Marathon and Thanksgiving Day 5K.                                
Runners meet at Turner Field Downtown Atlanta.  Make sure to enter the correct address into your GPS: 755 Hank Aaron Drive, Atlanta 30315.
Registration closes on Sunday, November 24th at 11:59 a.m.
To ensure your entry visit the Atlanta Track club website at: http://www.atlantatrackclub.org/marathonandhalfmarathon.htm
Whether you are running or feasting on Thanksgiving Day remember to give the Atlanta Home Inspector a call when you … (2 comments)

home inspections atlanta: Underneath it All - 05/15/13 02:52 AM
It is important, no matter the age of the home, to have a home inspection performed during a real estate transaction. Don't assume that a brand new construction will not have any issues. The Atlanta home inspector sees many new constructions, as well as historic and typical home structures. It is not uncommon to find just as many issues with new builds as with the historic properties. Here are some items Atlanta home inspections looks for when underneath a home of any age:
1.      Moisture levels - Moisture levels underneath a home can help the Atlanta Home Inspector uncover … (3 comments)

home inspections atlanta: Forget About the Pricetag! - 02/01/12 02:16 AM
Atlanta Home Inspections
"Forget about the pricetag," Jesse J. proclaims in her pop tune. Do you or your clients sing that song? It would seem that in today's market, price is a deciding factor for several aspects of our everyday living.  What is a pricetag anyway? Does the cost of something tell us the benefit attached to an item? 
 When you go to a restaurant, do you choose menu items completely by their dollar amount? If I were to guess, I would say, probably not. Choosing a menu item is based on the benefit of the meal. You order … (3 comments)

home inspections atlanta: Sharing Recipes with The Atlanta Home Inspector ~ Mulligatawny Stew - 12/05/11 03:02 AM
I have to admit the kitchen isn’t always my favorite room. Some days preparing a meal seems like such a treacherous or impossible feat. Especially when a hectic schedule doesn’t permit much preparation time for a hearty meal.  Then, there are the days when I get adventurous and can’t wait to try a new recipe, hoping that it will become a new favorite. I have only fixed this delicious stew once, but it was quite yummy on an Autumn evening. If you are a fan of curry, you will like this one. We didn’t add the cream, you can always substitute with sour cream, if you wish! … (2 comments)

home inspections atlanta: Are You Looking For Some Odd Stuff Posted by The Atlanta Home Inspector? Look No Further. - 08/12/11 06:10 AM
Atlanta home inspector .    Feeling light hearted today! Think we will just share some photos that aren’t necessarily “deal breakers”. However, they can be considered a little odd, I suppose. 
 Featured  is :  A Door for Hobbits, Rust Bucket Garbage Disposal, The Man With The Most Impressive Handshake’s Door Knob, and The Door Knob Who Tried To Be a Wall Hook.
 Hope you all are safe and that you  have a great weekend!!  
p align="left">If you want a thorough home inspector on your side when you're buying a home,that will provide a thorough computerized home inspection report call us today 404-788-2581 or better yet … (2 comments)

home inspections atlanta: A Moldy Situation for the Atlanta Home Inspector - 08/11/11 05:13 AM
Atlanta home inspector .   What causes unexplained respiratory, allergy or asthmatic symptoms? Mold  What gives you  fits of uncontrollable coughing that keep you tired and grouchy? Mold What if we told you the name of the culprit  could be living in your walls, under your carpet, within your wallpaper or even in your food?  MOLD  What you might not realize is that if moisture is present it can grow anywhere. Mold By  reducing condensation in places such as the roof, floor, walls, windows and any cold surface, you can prevent future growth of MOLD.   Make sure you are getting an air … (4 comments)

home inspections atlanta: The Atlanta Home Inspector Finds Hidden Treasure. - 08/09/11 05:20 AM
   It’s hard to believe that summer vacation has ended. The big yellow school buses have been opening and closing their doors to students now for an entire week in our community. Homework has quickly replaced playing in the yard. Bedtime has become something that happens too soon after dinner.  Weekends have become filled with all of the tasks and activities that cannot be accomplished during the week. As much as they say they aren’t ready, it becomes apparent the children are eager to be back amongst their friends. 
For IHI Home Inspections, it has been business as usual.

home inspections atlanta: When is a Vent Boot Not a Vent Boot? Let's Ask the Atlanta Home Inspector. - 08/08/11 06:58 AM
Atlanta home inspector.      There is nothing quite as soothing as raindrops on a tin roof. Perfect weather, perfect ambiance, all that’s needed is a good book. Unless, of course the tin roof leaks. Then, all you need are several buckets. 

 At this recent inspection, the Atlanta home inspector found an exposed vent boot. Gaping as it is, you could safely rename it a funnel. 
  Unfortunately, the damage can go unnoticed for years. The water that travels down the exposed plumbing vent follows the vent pipe inside of the … (3 comments)

home inspections atlanta: Vent Lint and Long Dry Time - Not a New Dynamic Duo. - 06/29/11 05:40 AM
When your clothes dryer turns off, are your clothes still wet? Do you have to cycle your dryer two or three times to get the job done? These are common occurrances when your dryer vent is clogged. During a home inspection, make sure that this issue is checked. If your venting system exceeds 25 feet and/or has a 90 degree angle in it, the chances of clogging are higher. When the vent clogs, it causes other major issues with the operating system of your dryer. It can also lead to a potential fire hazard if not cleared.
With Safety in mind, … (11 comments)

home inspections atlanta: How Hot is the Atlanta Home Inspector? - 06/17/11 07:10 AM
I bet the title made you curious, didn't it? Come on, admit it!   In all seriousness, though, the heat has been hot and hotter in the North Metro Atlanta area.  Even though the degrees are rising, we still climb onto 99% of all roofs to conduct our inspections, even if that means enduring temperatures over 150 degrees. If you don't believe us, we have the proof right here!   And this second picture... well that's an egg. (In case you were wondering if was hot enough to fry one or not)
Ok, the egg really didn't fry on the roof and no … (1 comments)

home inspections atlanta: Why we crawl around underneath your home by the Atlanta Home Inspector - 06/06/11 06:54 AM
 It doesn't matter how well kept your home may be, there can still be issues underneath. Simply because most people do not enter this underground area, issues can go undetected. So it is a good idea to get someone who will crawl around underneath your home when performing an inspection.
 One of the major aspects of the inspection includes the "span" system. If the beams and joists, which are the primary components that cross back and forth under your home and hold your floors and walls in place, are not spanning the proper distance or are not following specific scale or … (0 comments)

home inspections atlanta: Not quite sure what Edison would think of this light bulb moment! Another invention found by The Atlanta Home Inspector - 06/01/11 04:02 AM
 http://www.ihihomeinspections.com   One of Thomas Edison's famous quotes goes as follows: I never perfected an invention that I did not think about in terms of the service it might give others... I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent....
We all know he was responsible for the lightbulb and other life changing inventions. However, I am not quite sure what he would think of this exposed lightbulb with loose wires. It serves it's purpose but the dangers of the electricity running this closely to the Home's support beams is not really a bright idea!  Convenience should not replace common … (3 comments)

home inspections atlanta: Atlanta Home Inspector Finds a Murky Water Frog Friend - 05/31/11 07:49 AM
 http://www.ihihomeinspections.com  Warm weather has made itself right at home in the South. As the sun beats down, many find themselves heading to the pool or nearest water source for some relaxation and recreation.  Our critter friends are no exception to this rule, as seen in this froggy photo. This little fellow is enjoying himself immensely in the murky waters of a back yard pool. He wasn't alone, but he was the most photogenic!
If you want a thorough home inspector on your side when you're buying a home,that will provide a thorough computerized home inspection report call us today 404-788-2581 … (1 comments)

home inspections atlanta: Another Wednesday Walking Roof Photo by the Atlanta Home Inspector - 05/25/11 08:51 AM
 http://www.ihihomeinspections.com  We just wanted to share the view from a Northern Georgia walking roof inspection. By walking the roof on 99% of inspections, it allows a very detailed report of findings to be shared to home sellers, buyers and realtors. This makes the home buying and selling experience a win/win for all involved.

If you want a thorough home inspector on your side when you're buying a home,that will provide a thorough computerized home inspection report call us today 404-788-2581 or better yet you can now schedule your home inspections completely online at http://www.ihihomeinspections.com  We provide peace of mind one home inspection at a time! 
If … (5 comments)

home inspections atlanta: Walking the Roof Wednesday with the Atlanta Home Inspector - 05/18/11 06:13 AM
http://ihihomeinspections.com Atlanta home inspector, Welcome to Walking the roof Wednesday!! There are details from the roof that you just can’t find from the ground. By walking the roof 99% of the time, David finds items that will save the home buyer from purchasing the money pit.
Details make the inspectors job interesting. Don't let those details be your problem. Call a thorough, detailed, friendly, trustworthy and knowlegeable inspector, David Lelak at IHI Home Inspections. IHI Home Inspections provides computerized home inspection reports. Call us today 404-788-2581 or better yet you can now schedule your home inspections completely online at http://www.ihihomeinspections.com … (2 comments)

home inspections atlanta: Great review for the Atlanta home inspector - 02/15/11 01:51 PM
Found the folloing review over at Kudzu and thought I would share it with you.  It says a lot especially since they have been living in the house and didn't notice these things.
My wife and I purchased our home from family and had been living in it for five years prior to purchasing it. Since I was very familiar with the house, I really saw the inspection as more of a formality. I have always been a technical person and enjoy performing the necessary repairs and maintaining my house myself, so I really did not expect David to find anything. … (1 comments)

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