home inspector atlanta: Not All Renovations are Created Equal - 01/21/14 11:48 PM
I just read today that home owners in certain parts of the U.S. spent an estimated $1,400 each on renovations and remodels in 2013. The report, issued by the National Association of Home Builders, went on to state that those homes, on average, were built in the late 1960’s and 1970’s.   However, in Georgia, this average expenditure registered slightly higher at $1,648 per owner.
          This information made me wonder how many of these home owners hired professional contractors to help versus undertaking the task themselves. Sometimes, I see innovative remodels that make me scratch my head.  Take this remodel … (4 comments)

home inspector atlanta: When the Winter Break Boredom Begins - 12/23/13 01:58 AM

    When the Atlanta Home Inspector was a kid, the first few days of Winter break were great! The kids stayed up late and got to play or watch TV when they would have usually been at school. Then, the holiday traditions would begin, but by the time the hoopla had subsided, it was common to hear, “Mom, I’m bored!” Now the Atlanta Home Inspector  has kids of his own who share the same lament! Here are a few suggestions to curb the Winter break blues:
Visit your local library.
Typically, libraries will have fun activities for the kiddos while they are … (3 comments)

home inspector atlanta: Sugar Plum Fairies at the Fox Theater, Atlanta for Nutcracker Ballet - 12/11/13 02:06 AM
The Nutcracker ballet is a holiday tradition. The great thing about the Atlanta area is that there is more than one location to catch the production.  The Atlanta Home Inspector and his family may have to catch one of these performances:
      The Atlanta Festival Ballet, which is partnered with both Henry and Clayton county schools, will be performing The Nutcracker at the Henry County Performing Arts Center located at 37 Lemon Street in McDonough.
The performances are on Saturday, December 14th at 7 p.m. and Sunday December 15th at 2 p.m.
     Also performing The Nutcracker, Atlanta … (3 comments)

home inspector atlanta: Temporary fixes lead to long term issues - Flexline plumbing woes - 10/10/13 01:48 AM
   What’s the issue with flex line plumbing fixes? Well, for starters, the choice alone screams temporary band-aid. Do-it-yourself gurus may profess to have the perfect solution for that under sink issue, but the best solution for this busted, leaky pipe is not another flex line. As seen here, the flex line has busted under pressure. Water can now leak all over the sink cabinet, eventually underneath the cabinet and onto the floor. Once the water sits under the sink cabinet or penetrates the floor covering, the issue becomes much more than just a tear in a flex line. It then … (4 comments)

home inspector atlanta: Accidental Indeed! - 11/02/11 03:23 AM
Accidental inventions can change our lives!  For instance, if Ruth, a Toll House Inn owner had not decided to break bits of sweetened chocolate and mix them into her cookie dough when her supply of bakers chocolate ran out, then the chocolate chip cookie would not have been invented. She thought the chipped chocolate would melt, making Chocolate Cookies… which was one of her most popular baked goods at the Toll House Inn.  Arguably, this was a pleasant accidental invention.
Sometimes, great scientific minds are so focused on a specific study, that they almost miss an important break through. Consider John … (8 comments)

home inspector atlanta: The Atlanta Home Inspector Finds Hidden Treasure. - 08/09/11 05:20 AM
   It’s hard to believe that summer vacation has ended. The big yellow school buses have been opening and closing their doors to students now for an entire week in our community. Homework has quickly replaced playing in the yard. Bedtime has become something that happens too soon after dinner.  Weekends have become filled with all of the tasks and activities that cannot be accomplished during the week. As much as they say they aren’t ready, it becomes apparent the children are eager to be back amongst their friends. 
For IHI Home Inspections, it has been business as usual.

home inspector atlanta: The Importance of Flushing With the Atlanta Home Inspector - 07/08/11 03:55 AM
All of us with children ( especially little boys, it seems) can relate to the
importance of flushing. It would seem that it is a daily reminder in my
home. We teach our children to flush the toilet for obvious reasons, but
why does the home inspector flush your toilet?
First lets analyze what happens when you flush your toilet.
 Most residential toilets contain water in both tank and bowl.  When
you flush, a rubber stopper (flapper) lifts, letting the tank water flow
into the bowl.  Then, water enters the bowl through small holes around 
the inner bowl top and … (4 comments)

home inspector atlanta: Federal Pacific Electrical Panels - Information that could save your life. - 07/07/11 07:46 AM
Was your home built sometime between 1950 and 1980? Do you have a Federal Pacific Electric Company panel? Chances are likely that you do, since Federal Pacific was the leading manufacturerer during that time span., installing over a million panels.  However, there is much scutiny where the Federal Pacific panels are concerned. Although, they have never been recalled, the specific "Stab-Lok" line has proven to be a latent hazard, leading to electrical failure, arcing and fire. Even though the Government has pulled their UL rating, some experts now say that Federal Pacific Electric Comapny panels can appear to work fine for … (16 comments)

home inspector atlanta: How Hot is the Atlanta Home Inspector? - 06/17/11 07:10 AM
I bet the title made you curious, didn't it? Come on, admit it!   In all seriousness, though, the heat has been hot and hotter in the North Metro Atlanta area.  Even though the degrees are rising, we still climb onto 99% of all roofs to conduct our inspections, even if that means enduring temperatures over 150 degrees. If you don't believe us, we have the proof right here!   And this second picture... well that's an egg. (In case you were wondering if was hot enough to fry one or not)
Ok, the egg really didn't fry on the roof and no … (1 comments)

home inspector atlanta: The Atlanta Home Inspector shares a link for talkers. - 06/08/11 06:22 AM
http://www. ihihomeinpsections.com, David Lelak,
It has been mentioned here on the Rain that talking is an artform in which some of us have an unlimited supply of artistic ability. Therefore, when our good friends from Keller Williams Real Estate shared this link with us, we just had to pass it on to all of you. 

home inspector atlanta: Why we crawl around underneath your home by the Atlanta Home Inspector - 06/06/11 06:54 AM
 It doesn't matter how well kept your home may be, there can still be issues underneath. Simply because most people do not enter this underground area, issues can go undetected. So it is a good idea to get someone who will crawl around underneath your home when performing an inspection.
 One of the major aspects of the inspection includes the "span" system. If the beams and joists, which are the primary components that cross back and forth under your home and hold your floors and walls in place, are not spanning the proper distance or are not following specific scale or … (0 comments)

home inspector atlanta: No Catchy Title - Just another video I will let speak for itself - 06/02/11 06:33 AM
 http://www.ihihomeinspections.com David Lelak, Atlanta Home Inspector.
  I was thinking for far too long about what to say in this blog.  Was even on the verge of a migraine while trying to incorporate the words tentacles and firey belly. (Ok the new  Pirates of the Carribbean did come out recently you know ) I wanted to say something funny. I wanted to say something educational. I wanted to say something profound. However, it all just sort of becomes a jumbled mess of ideas and concepts that perhaps don't belong together in the first place. So I have decided to let the video speak for itself … (2 comments)

home inspector atlanta: Not quite sure what Edison would think of this light bulb moment! Another invention found by The Atlanta Home Inspector - 06/01/11 04:02 AM
 http://www.ihihomeinspections.com   One of Thomas Edison's famous quotes goes as follows: I never perfected an invention that I did not think about in terms of the service it might give others... I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent....
We all know he was responsible for the lightbulb and other life changing inventions. However, I am not quite sure what he would think of this exposed lightbulb with loose wires. It serves it's purpose but the dangers of the electricity running this closely to the Home's support beams is not really a bright idea!  Convenience should not replace common … (3 comments)

home inspector atlanta: Another Wednesday Walking Roof Photo by the Atlanta Home Inspector - 05/25/11 08:51 AM
 http://www.ihihomeinspections.com  We just wanted to share the view from a Northern Georgia walking roof inspection. By walking the roof on 99% of inspections, it allows a very detailed report of findings to be shared to home sellers, buyers and realtors. This makes the home buying and selling experience a win/win for all involved.

If you want a thorough home inspector on your side when you're buying a home,that will provide a thorough computerized home inspection report call us today 404-788-2581 or better yet you can now schedule your home inspections completely online at http://www.ihihomeinspections.com  We provide peace of mind one home inspection at a time! 
If … (5 comments)

home inspector atlanta: Atlanta home inspections - make sure you know what your getting - 02/25/11 12:12 AM

As a home inspector in Atlanta sometimes we take some of the most insteresting pictures.  Just like the home inspection picture to the right, it's all in the perception.  Take a look at it and see what you think! 
When choosing a home inspector in the Atlanta area, make sure that you're going to get a full and thorough home inspection. To many times people don't think that there is a huge difference in home inspectors.  Trust me there is!  Too many times when we get the call for home inspections the first question that we're asked is "How Much is a home inspection?"  … (0 comments)

home inspector atlanta: Great review for the Atlanta home inspector - 02/15/11 01:51 PM
Found the folloing review over at Kudzu and thought I would share it with you.  It says a lot especially since they have been living in the house and didn't notice these things.
My wife and I purchased our home from family and had been living in it for five years prior to purchasing it. Since I was very familiar with the house, I really saw the inspection as more of a formality. I have always been a technical person and enjoy performing the necessary repairs and maintaining my house myself, so I really did not expect David to find anything. … (1 comments)

home inspector atlanta: Atlanta home inspector shares Prospecting for Today’s Market - 01/13/11 03:43 AM
As the Atlanta home inspector, I was looking around this morning for interesting resources and articles and I ran across the following article/location where you can download and listen to different information.  I ran across the following webinar Prospecting for Today’s Market:What Really Works.  Now granted the webinar is a little dated, it is still very valuable information. The webinar had some great tips about different marketing tips. 
The webinar featured one of our own Activerain Ambassador’s Anna "Banana" Kruchten.    She talked about the benefits of blogging from not only getting amazing SEO juice and leads, but everything you blog can … (3 comments)

home inspector atlanta: Atlanta home inspector uses infrared to find air sources. - 11/28/10 09:16 AM
As a home inspector in Atlanta I use a variety of tools to get home inspections done in Atlanta.  One of our latest items to be using is a Flir infrared camera.  I use this to find water leaks, mositure intrusion, and several other issues... Find more infrared information here
Not to long ago I used it to verify a very hot electrical wire. The agent that I was working with at the time was amazed at how hot the wiring was. 
We also recently used it when a gentleman moved out of a place because he took the cover … (4 comments)

home inspector atlanta: Atlanta home inspector shares window maintenance issues - 06/11/10 02:42 AM
David Lelak, a home inspector in Atlanta shares with you some of the reasons we need to do window maintenance and for that matter maintenance around the whole home.  A lot of the issues found during his Atlanta home inspections could be solved by simply performing maintenance aperiodically.  If you want to make sure that you end up with a home inspector in Atlanta that won't let you by a money pit call IHI Home Inspections today at 404-788-2581.

Thanks for watching our videos, please take time to comment below, or go to our YouTube account and rate and … (2 comments)

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