idx mls search: White Glove Service For REALTORS® Uses IDX To Generate Leads - 05/17/11 05:40 AM
LeadBuilder – The Premiere Lead Generation Services For REALTORS®
Leads don't fall out out of the sky. If they did, we'd all be multi-millionaires and no one would have to work for a living. What a happy day dream that is! The reality is, good leads, the types that convert into sold listings are pretty tough to come by. What's worse is the lead services that actually do work are outrageously expensive and often don't provide the type of ROI that would make using a lead service a worthwhile endeavor.
This is where iHOUSE LeadBuilder comes into play. It's a white … (0 comments)

idx mls search: Custom Searches Create Better Converting Leads - 04/15/11 04:18 AM
One of the best aspects of iHOUSE websites are the ability Agents have to save custom searches and turn them into pages. Realtors can create a custom search based on nearly any criteria they think might appeal to a potential homebuyer. A perfect example would be a customer of ours, Real Estate Agent Jim Duncan. He took our product for a test drive then promptly decided to dump his old lack luster IDX provider in favor of a new iHOUSE Elite website. What drove him to make this unquestionably intelligent decision? ELITE's Saved Custom Searches! He saw the value in such … (3 comments)

idx mls search: Property Searches Are Moving To Foreclosures. Do You Offer It? - 01/07/11 09:36 AM
Everywhere you go people are talking about how home prices will never be as low again as they are right now. Many are capitalizing on foreclosures, and are picking up homes for well below normal market value. The stigma of selling distressed homes is fading because, well let’s face it – everyone is in trouble these days. Heck, even celebrities have to face the harsh realities of surviving in this economy.
CELEBRITY FORECLOSURES  It’s a sign of the times. The year ticked over to 2011 but it’s still just as tough out there. Home prices are continuing to plummet and it’s … (2 comments)

idx mls search: Craigslist Marketing - 12/02/10 04:32 AM
It’s always good to try new marketing strategies. With the new year coming up, it’s a great time to try some of those ideas you may have been thinking about trying but haven’t quite gotten around to. And we all know that trying new ideas is a lot more inviting when it doesn’t cost any money!One marketing avenue that has been around for a while yet surprisingly few REALTORS are using is Craigslist is a website that features classified ads for different types of goods and services and focuses on many metropolitan areas in the U.S. It is very similar … (1 comments)

idx mls search: Good IDX is Like A Chocolate Chip Cookie - 11/04/10 05:20 AM
Everyone has fond memories of homemade chocolate chip cookies. That’s why experts suggest baking cookies in a home shortly before showing it. The scent of the cookies brings back fond memories and helps buyers see the house as their new home!Giving online homebuyers a positive experience can have a similar effect. If you provide an MLS Search that gives them the information they want in a clear and easy-to-use way, they will be in a better mood and will be more open to viewing houses as potential homes!That’s why it’s so important to have a quality IDX MLS Search tool that … (2 comments)

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