ihouse elite: Effective Ways to Manage an Office Website - 11/16/11 04:32 AM
Managing a brokerage is hard enough, but when you have an office website that throws a whole new problem into the mix. Who do you allow to have access to the site to make changes? How are the leads managed through your brokerage? How do you find the time to manage big site like that?
Its no surprise that every real estate office needs some sort of web presence for the broker and their agents. Creating and managing a website does not come naturally to many brokers and real estate agents. Here are some key things to remember:
Once you have … (0 comments)

ihouse elite: Effective Blogging for Real Estate Agents - 10/05/11 11:32 AM
Effective blogging for the Real Estate Agents:
Blogging is everywhere, our favorite actors/actresses, favorite TV Shows and even animals have their own blog, but how do you as a Realtor use this tool effectively? Keeping a blog as a Realtor is easy to do. Just jump in and add information! Blogging allows you to have a specific area where clients can easily find your recent updates to your site.
What should I write about?
Try blogging about interesting information that your clients may not know about the real estate business or your company. For example, if there was a positive … (0 comments)

ihouse elite: Why Even Bad Reviews Are Good... - 08/31/10 04:45 AM
A few weeks ago we discussed the importance of local search optimization. Essentially this entails getting your business listed on websites that specialize in local search, like Google Places, Yelp, and others. These sites are critical for helping people to find you and your business, but they can also be used for convincing those people to hire you.Use your business listing on Google, Yelp, and other sites to the fullest advantage. Encourage clients to post their reviews on those sites. Here are some things you should know about reviews, from ClickZ columnist Sam Decker:
Reviews - even negative reviews - drive … (1 comments)

ihouse elite: Spin a Web(inar) Around More Homebuyers and Sellers - 08/05/10 04:53 AM
Online presentation software is becoming popular as a way to present educational webinars, sales pitches, and even to just host company meetings. Many companies offer free webinars for clients and prospects on optimizing your website, expanding your marketing, and much more. But we haven’t seen any REALTORS using online presentations to their advantage. If you think about it, there are a lot of opportunities for real estate professionals to use webinar software to expand their businesses.Online presentations are a great way to reach out to potential clients and gather leads. For many web visitors, contacting you or scheduling a consultation is … (0 comments)

ihouse elite: Local Search Optimization - 07/29/10 05:45 AM
Optimizing your website for the search engines is a complex and time consuming process, yet it is absolutely necessary. When you think of search engine optimization you think of all the classic SEO tips like doing keyword research, integrating those keywords in your content and meta tags, and building links. Yet there is another, newer side to SEO - local search optimization.When you perform a search in one of the major search engines, such as “Sacramento REALTOR”, your results will display a map with some results next to it. Local search pertains to those top results, the ones that display above … (6 comments)

ihouse elite: Pop Quiz! How do you compare to your peers? - 06/21/10 04:52 AM
Quizzes. I remember the good ol' days when a soda pop cost a nickel and the thought of taking a quiz was most unwelcome. Now? Now a soda pop hovers somewhere around $2 and quizzes are everywhere. And heck, people like quizzes almost as much as they like soda pop! What's going on?!It seems that Internet surfers are hooked on quizzes. IQ quizzes. Personality quizzes. Career quizzes. “Which superhero are you?” quizzes. Impossible quizzes. Love quizzes. Music quizzes. Sports quizzes. All sorts of quizzes!Why are people hooked on quizzes? No, that's not a quiz, just a rhetorical question. There are a … (0 comments)

ihouse elite: Are You a Real Estate Agent or Online Marketer? - 05/26/10 05:11 AM
I'm an online marketer. You're a real estate agent. Sounds right, right? Unfortunately for you, it's not that clear-cut. In these days of Web 2.0 or 3.0 or whatever .0 we're on now, to be a successful real estate agent, you have to ALSO be a successful online marketer. You have to syndicate your listings across the web. You have to participate in forums like those on Zillow, Trulia, ActiveRain, and RealTown. You have to have a Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter account. You have to maintain an attention-grabbing informative website. All of these online marketing tasks probably take up almost as … (1 comments)

ihouse elite: Marketing and Market Ups & Downs - 03/31/10 11:06 AM
Have you ever noticed that when the economy is down, you hear that it is now more important than ever to do more marketing? Have you also noticed that when the economy is up, you still hear that it is now more important than ever to do more marketing? Why is that? Because if you are serious about real estate, you should always be marketing. No matter what. If you're not, you might as well find another profession. When the market is down, the number of buyers and sellers is down, meaning you have to fight extra hard to get the … (0 comments)

ihouse elite: Do you have a website plan? Part 2 - 11/24/09 03:06 AM
Last week I covered the first question to consider when working on a website. So many real estate agents put up a website, never do anything with it, and then wonder why they get no leads from it. To develop a successful website, you need to have a plan. The first question to think about while developing your plan is: how will people find your site? The second important question to consider is, 2. How will you turn visitors into leads?Believe it or not, the goal of a website is not to get traffic. It's to convert that traffic into leads, … (0 comments)

ihouse elite: All-New iHOUSE ELITE Websites™ Mark New Era in Real Estate Technology - 11/12/09 03:06 AM
Have you heard? We (iHOUSEweb) just launched our all-new real estate website product, iHOUSE ELITE Websites™, and it’s great! We are excited to have a new product that includes all the great things we have learned from over ten years of providing website services for real estate professionals. And we think you will be too!ELITE Websites use a flexible, intuitive design that incorporates the ease of a template website with the flexibility of a custom website. An ELITE Website is easy-to-use for anyone, whether you are tech-savvy or not, yet it retains its capability for extensive customization and individuality.Elite offers hundreds … (1 comments)

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