Should you be making estimated tax payments? If you fall into these 4 categories, you should be, according to tax expert Eva Rosenberg. 1. You are self-employed. 2. Your non-wage income is increasing (or expected to) in the current year. 3. Your stocks have done well. 4. You have gotten a healthy...
As summer approaches, another school year is about to end. Do you have any high school graduates? They may not be prepared with enough real-life financial education. Before they set out on their own, advise them on some of these basic money management skills. Here are 5 basic money management ski...
If you use a vehicle exclusively for business purposes, like driving your clients (or yourself!) you may be able to qualify for a tax deduction using the standard mileage rate. While the IRS is extremely thorough about checking that your business mileage is separate from your personal mileage, ca...
Did you know that real estate investors bought 1 out of every 4 homes last year? Real estate investing has transformed the real estate (and television!) markets. And it's not just selling these investment homes...demand for rentals is higher than demand for homes to buy. In fact, 3.6 million home...
The next time you have a day off and want to use it as a spa day or for any other recreational activity, consider having a financial wellness day. Although the spa day may have you feeling great for a couple of hours, a financial wellness day could put your mind at ease for a couple of months, if...
Taxes were due almost one month ago. Your returns and refunds are now records, but how long should you keep them? Eva Rosenberg reminds us that the IRS can come after you up to 10 years after filing, but if you have copies of your returns, checks, and refunds, you are keeping yourself protected. ...
It has been almost a month since Tax Day 2012. However, you may have recently received a letter from the IRS. First, don’t panic! Tax mistakes are easy to make, but the IRS makes mistakes as well. If you received a letter, don’t let it sit. That is a time-sensitive letter! Today’s post by tax exp...
You may be noticing a lot of foreclosures in your area, maybe some by former clients. Many of them are looking for ways out, but there are some red flags they should be aware of. According to the Home Preservation Foundation, foreclosure avoidance scams are up 60 percent this year compared to las...
Tax season has come and gone, but both you and your clients might have found out that you made some (big) errors in your filing this year. There is so much we can learn from hearing about other people’s mistakes. Sometimes mistakes lead to battles with the IRS. In yesterday’s post on the Equifax ...

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