I wonder if we realize the effect our words have on other people's lives, and even ourselves. Once spoken words can heal, inspire, encourage, motivate. They can also cause a great deal of pain. You don't have to speak out loud everything you think in your mind. Some things are better left unsaid....
25+ acres of the most beautiful land! Peaceful, quiet and will never guess that it is only 1 mile from GA Hwy 400. Located in Dawsonville, just inside the Lumpkin County line, this gorgeous land features a rock bottom running creek & stream, lots of trees and privace. Perfect to build...
I attended a meeting last week and heard it from a pretty reliable authority that all the prophets of doom and gloom are wrong! Hopefully, this is not a suprise to you.I love listening to people speak who concentrate on the postive, and not the negative side of things. For example I learned that...
There's a growing trend among many real estate agents today. Not a day goes by that I am not hearing about it, or experiencing it myself.Real estate agents everywhere are HIDING! They hide from their customers, they hide from other agents, and worst of all they hide from their own clients! What i...
I am so happy to report that I am officially an Associate Broker! After passing the exam, and providing all the proper documents I was given a big certificate that says "Kimberly Wilson is authorized to transact business in Georgia as a Licensed Associate Broker" It goes on to state that " this p...
Say is isn't so! This morning while reading the local paper, I see that another discount brokerage firm has opened, and placed a half page ad in the paper. Of course, listing all the advantages of NOT paying a realtor commission. And even offering buyers a commission rebate upon closing a home! (...
Adhere to the golden rule- be honest always. Establish Goals. Plan your day. Get at least one appointment per day. Talk to at least 3 new people per day-circulate! Become a specialist in your area. Know your product! Cultivate a circle of contacts. Work on Exclusive Properties only. Set a quota ...
A few days ago I read a blog posted by a fellow realtor on this site who suggests that we should stop doing short sales. After taking a few days to digest it, I have decided to write a new blog instead of commenting on his. I am appealing to all my fellow Realtors to understand how important it i...
  In this "booming" market I have noticed a terrible habit that agents have fallen into. Simply put..."WHY aren't you answering your phone?" And that's not all! I recently acquired a listing that had been listed not once, but FOUR times already, by four different agents. And these were not part t...
In Lumpkin County, Dawsonville GA. 25+ Gorgeous acres only one mile from Ga Hwy 400. You won't believe how beautiful, and serene it is. Rock bottom creek with flowing stream through property. Perfect for 4-5 estate size homesites. Priced at under $16k per acre, Owner very motivated. Will consider...

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