Lesson One: Minutes and even mere seconds can make the difference in BIG ways. On the way home from a very short trip to the store last Sunday afternoon we decided to stop- no wait! - we even turned around, to go to a small produce stand and pick up 2 tomatoes for dinner later. Moments later, and...
Are you suffering from Doom Overload? Has it gotten to the point you would like to turn off the news and hear nothing but silence while your mind tries to assimilate the overload of information you are constantly being bombarded with? Specifically  I want to help you understand what is REALLY hap...
I was thinking this morning about writing today and trying to decide what to write about. I had so many things on my mind it was hard to decide. I often tell people that my mind is like clicking the channels up and down on the TV. It goes from one thing to another. Click..Click...Click...  I supp...
Are you like me? Do you get tired of trying to read through all the media hoopla to figure out the real bottom line? Does it feel like deciphering code? I'm not dumb, just lazy sometimes I guess. I'd like to read about things like the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac takeover in terms that are simple to un...
Recently, a series of events involving "contractors" left me with this thought, " Are there any Real Professionals left out there anywhere?". I'm sure you have  experienced this as well. People who just don't perform or measure up to your expectations. Of course you can decide to never "use" thes...
I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing holiday weekend. I think I discovered why it's called Labor Day. I moved over the weekend, and I did a lot of "laboring". Actually, I'm still not completely sure where all my clothes are, shoes, makeup, etc. You would think that after moving as many tim...

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