A friend of mine is going through a rough time. He lost his job, his unemployment ran out and now he is losing his home. He calls me often for 'pep talks' and to help him figure out what to do. Today, it was a different conversation and I thought I would share it, with hopes that it may help some...
Thank you Melissa for this update. For the sake of thousands of folks still facing losing their homes through short sales or foreclosures, I hope this does get extended. I'll be following this for updates!That’s right, folks. The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007, which was set to expi...
Miracle Strip continues expansion with Sea Dragon Miracle Strip Amusement Park continues expanding with the opening of the Sea Dragon, a step back in time to the original ride that has restored and ready to take on thrill seekers. It was tracked down in Missouri and after three months of hard wor...
This is a phenomenal article about where we are today in real estate. In the Panama City Beach area, the market is exploding! Multiple offers, bidding wars, and lots of cash buyers coming into our area. Prices are on the rise, so if you have thought about owning a little beach home of your own......
Join us as we take you on a private tour of a place we've never filmed before on The Beach Show 30A...'Sanctuary By The Sea', and what could possibly be the largest, most phenomenal condominium on all of 30A!  
Update on the move to paradise: I have been so excited that all winter so far we have barely had to turn on the heater at all. It has gotten a little chilly in the early morning hours a few times, but we're back in flip flops by noon! The locals have told me that it has been the mildest winter in...

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