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As a Brevard County Mortgage Expert, Joe writes on all things related to the mortage industry and other related events for Brevard County, Fl.



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How do I post blogs to more than 5 groups?  I see others that have posted the same blog to many more than 5 groups.  I want to ensure maximum exposure to my blogs.Also, any advice on how best to write a blog?  I have been writting them for a few weeks, and have not really recieved the response th...
What happens at closingYou have an accepted contract, and your closing is set for the end of the month.  While there are many articles about how to get to this point, how to get a mortgage, how to choose a realtor, how to get a good deal, there are not many articles out there to help you understa...
            Many professionals take for granted the importance of attending the closing.  Basically spelled out, the closing should be seen as your payday.  This is the last and final chance for you not to get paid on a transaction that you have put time and effort into.              I once had a...
With growing media attention on foreclosures, sub-prime, and the such, I am getting an increasing amount of questions on REO's and short sales.  What is the difference?  How can I find the best deal?  Which one is better for me to go after?The long and short of it:A REO is a bank owned property. ...
In a constricting market, most tend to tighten their wallets, and cut back on marketing spending.  Is this what you are practicing?  Is your marketing suffering due to lack of business?Or is your Business suffering due to lack of Marketing? Most complain about a slow market.  But believe me, the ...
Describing The Dream: Finding a New Home in Brevard CountyOnce you have a good idea of how much home you can afford, it's time to start figuring out what features are the most important. I can help turn your desires into an organized list that will help you evaluate your options. It's time to ask...
How much can I afford?When shopping for your new home, you must get an idea of how much of a mortgage you can afford.  The best way to do this is to speak with a trusted mortgage professional who has your best interests in mind.  While you may not want to speak with one now, here is a great affor...
There is no better time to prospect for new business than right now! I don't think there is one person out there that will tell you that the Market is booming, and that there are more leads then they know what to do with. Now is the time to be prospecting, and generating your own leads.  If you a...
The gas situation is out of control.  The companies selling us the gas are making more money than ever.  Exxon, the worlds largest company, posts biggest annual profit ever, reporting profits of $39.5 Billion.  They have already reported earnings of almost 10 Billion dollars in the first quarter ...
Are you worth your commission?  That is a question that is being asked by many.  Some think that the real estate agent earns too high of a commission, for doing little work.  Some people only think real estate agents put up signs when they take listings, and open doors as a buyers agent.  The tru...

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As a Brevard County Mortgage Expert, Joe writes on all things related to the mortage industry and other related events for Brevard County, Fl.