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Interesting article from the Wall Street Journal this morning that I HAD to share with you!Should be a refi-boom coming if this goes as planned!President Bush, looking for ways to respond to the subprime-mortgage crisis, will outline a series of policy changes and recommendations today to help bo...
This was e-mailed to me this morning....I thought it was interesting and wanted to share...:-)This is unquestionably one of the most challenging times in the annals of mortgage lending. As such, this communication is the first of a series that will outline how Countrywide®, America's Wholesale Le...
Barry Bonds may have broken the all-time home-run record recently, but you wouldn't know it by looking at the headlines. The only "Bonds" the media seems interested in are mortgage bonds - specifically mortgage-backed securities. To date, subprime mortgages have been credited for bankrupting well...
All of the experts are referring to our current mortgage problems as a mortgage crisis...a much needed adjustment...and even a mortgage meltdown. As might be expected, there's a lot of finger pointing and blame being levied on everyone connected to the mortgage industry. Most of the Mortgage Prof...
 Valued Broker,As you are aware, the non-prime mortgage industry is facing a severe liquidity crisis that's affected even the largest players in our space.  Currently, the secondary market for loans has shut down for all but conforming loans and the price for non-prime and Alt-A loans is well bel...
Fed Discount Window Cut:How it affects your clients and your businessThe Federal Reserve has taken significant action in the last few weeks due to the credit crunch. And now they've made an unexpected move by cutting the discount window rate - which is great news. I'll get to that in a minute, bu...
We continue to use sources of funds that are stableand have a history of solid performance.  We are staying in tune withthe market, and can provide a safe haven for those borrowers affected byrecent company closures.  Please call me if you would like moreinformation on where this whole thing is h...
Capital One Financial Corporation (NYSE: COF - News) today announced that it will cease residential mortgage origination operations at its wholesale mortgage banking unit, GreenPoint Mortgage, effective immediately. Current conditions in the secondary mortgage markets create significant near-term...
You have the right to ask that nationwide consumer credit reporting companies place "fraud alerts" in your file to let potential creditors and others know that you may be a victim of identity theft. A fraud alert can make it more difficult for someone to get credit in your name because it tells c...
Economists at Wall Street's biggest bond trading firms are rushing to change their interest-rate forecasts after the futures market more accurately predicted the Federal Reserve's surprise rate cut. Most primary dealers of U.S. government securities that trade with the Fed now expect the central ...

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