ben kinney: Stand out on Social Media...In a Good Way - 02/21/13 06:24 AM
In order to generate business online, you need to stand out on social a good way. Think about those people on social media that only post about their job. Do you know what their last post was about? Probably not since you have either hid them or just glaze over their post without even reading it. We don't want this to be you! We created the IMSD program to help you make sure you do not become this person!
The IMSD program is starting with LIVE classes again! We are launching our Social series classes on March 5th, then we … (17 comments)

ben kinney: What Type Of Buyers Are You Attracted To? - 09/26/12 04:04 AM
What Type Of Buyers Are You Attracted To? Everyone has a type right? Do you feel drawn to a sense of humor, a pretty smile, or a fat bank account? Personally, I have a weakness for a fantastic sense of humor! Make me laugh until I cry, and I am all yours!When it comes to your business what type of buyers are you attracted to? Do you find yourself attracted to buyers that have red hair or ones with nice handwritting? If so, it may be time to reconsider what makes someone a desirable buyer.Ben Kinney has decided the top four … (2 comments)

ben kinney: Becoming a Powerful Listing Agent - 06/29/12 03:29 PM
Becoming a Powerful Listing Agent by Ben Kinney
IMSD founder Ben Kinney and IMSD Community Manager Chad Hyams deliver a hot webinar to almost 1000 agents on June 28, 2012 discussing How to Become a Powerful Listing.  In this webinar IMSD discussed the systems, leads, scripts, technology, and techniques needed to list thousands of homes in any market.
This session sizzles as Ben Kinney reveals:
The marketing he uses to attract thousands of listing leads Building a pre-listing packet and online listing presentation How to get sellers in your office for an appointment Scripts and dialogs that close the deal We've broken … (27 comments)

ben kinney: Ben Kinney: 13 Ways to Defeat the Top Agent in Your Market - 10/24/11 04:44 AM
Did you miss Ben Kinney’s, “13 Ways to Defeat the Top Agent in Your Market” webinar?  This article is a summary of the key points he made during the call.
Not an IMSD member?  Save $200 on your one year IMSD training membership by using the discount code DEFEAT.  Learn more about real estate marketing on the IMSD website.
Want to win an iPhone4? Scroll to the bottom of this blog for a contest we are running the week of October 24th.
1. Mindset
Are you bringing an innovative mindset to work or do you simply copy … (29 comments)

ben kinney: Share the “13th Way” to Defeat the Top Agent... Win an iPhone - 10/21/11 05:52 AM
IMSD Founder Ben Kinney is on the warpath again!  Did you catch the “13th Way to Defeat the Top Agent in Your Market” webinar?  During this call Ben shared the weaknesses of top agents and tips on how you can exploit those to your advantage.
At the end of the webinar was a call to action… Send us the “13th Way” to take down that top agent.  We’re giving away an iPhone4 (or $399 from Apple) to the person who posts the best idea to our Facebook Fan Page.  Share your comment, video, or link a blog post to let the … (8 comments)

ben kinney: 13 Ways to Defeat the Top Agent in Your Market - 10/07/11 08:31 AM
IMSD has announced a free webinar on October 21st... 13 Ways to Defeat the Top Agent in Your Market
How would you like take down the top producer in your local real estate market?  You know… that person who claims, “I don’t do any marketing because all of my business comes from referrals.” 
Join Ben Kinney, founder of the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation, to learn where these “super-agents” are vulnerable and how to steal their market share while they’re out playing golf!
Ben started in real estate just six short years ago and has been picking off the star agents in … (1 comments)

ben kinney: Time Leverage and Real Estate: How Not to Suck - 08/26/11 03:23 AM
Time leverage in real estateThis blog post and video are excerpts from Ben Kinney’s “37 Ways to Not Suck at Real Estate” webinar. 
How do you sell more real estate while doing less?  Archimedes said, “Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand and I will move the entire earth.”  So as a real estate agent, what are the levers you can apply to your business?
Real estate agents need to protect their time in order to fully leverage their business. During this short video, Ben Kinney gives examples of how superstars like Todd Clark and Lenn Harley … (1 comments)

ben kinney: Real Estate Marketing: How Not to Suck - 08/16/11 04:47 AM
Inexpensive Real Estate Marketing IdeasThis blog post and video are excerpts from Ben Kinney’s “37 Ways to Not Suck at Real Estate” webinar.  When it comes to real estate marketing, agents tend to do beautiful marketing that isn’t very effective.  Think of the contradictions pointed out by the NAR Survey of Buyers and Sellers… real estate marketing is focused on the areas where buyers simply aren’t looking any more.
The real estate marketing systems that help Ben Kinney’s team sell an average of 1.6 homes every day of the week are radio, flyers, Craigslist, PPC, Facebook, and blogging.  These are the … (3 comments)

ben kinney: Real Estate Klout Scores - 08/12/11 11:09 AM
Why do Klout scores matter for real estate agents? 
Imagine you are faced with this listing presentation question:
 “What makes you stand apart from Agent X?” 
Being a savvy real estate marketer, you present the seller with your Klout Score of 65.  Then, you show them the competing agent's Klout Score of 18.  You have hard stats to demonstrate that your online influence is going to help you market their their home via the internet better than Agent X.
This interview between IMSD Founder Ben Kinney and Klout's marketing manager Megan Berry provides insight into how Klout measures your overall online influence … (4 comments)

ben kinney: Working Real Estate Leads: How Not to Suck - 08/11/11 10:22 AM
Communication plans for real estate leads.This blog post and video are excerpts from Ben Kinney’s “37 Ways to Not Suck at Real Estate” webinar.  In this ten minute video, Ben covers three key groups of customers real estate agents need to communicate with to grow a steady business.
Communication to Your DatabaseA simple communication plan to stay connected with four classifications of leads: haven’t met, met, sphere, and core.  The plan Ben Kinney outlines costs the real estate agent next to nothing and takes advantage of the low hanging fruit in your local market. Learn how to train your database of … (2 comments)

ben kinney: Google+ Quick Start Guide for Real Estate Agents: Circles - 07/26/11 03:30 AM
In our second free real estate training video on Google+, we'll cover the concept of Circles.  What are they? How do they work? Who should be in these circles? 
Think of circles like high school.  You had different groups in high school... the athletes, the band, the drama club, and the people that you said hello to in the halls, but you don't want to know much more than that about them.   Google+ Circles makes it easy for real estate agents to place people into different groups.
Think about some groups... your family, your buyers, your college friends, or any other way you sort … (0 comments)

ben kinney: Google+ Quick Start Guide for Real Estate Agents: Creating Your Profile - 07/21/11 10:16 AM
You want to know a little more about Google+. You got your invite, now what? Here at the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation, we want to show REALTORS not just HOW to use Google+, not only WHY to use Google+, we want to show real estate agents how to set Google+ up correctly from the start. Imagine the top social media site and the top search engine coming together. This is what Google+ could become, so let us help you do it right the first time.The first thing you as a real estate agent want to do is edit your profile so … (8 comments)

ben kinney: Real Estate Marketing and Google Analytics - 06/22/11 07:47 AM
Real estate marketing using the internet can be a boom or bust!  Realtors are wise to track their online marketing so they can build on areas of success and generate real estate leads faster and cheaper.
Google Analytics is widely recognized as the top tool for analyzing the traffic coming to your real estate website.  While the tool is very simple to use, many agents open Google Analytics for the first time and have no idea where to begin!
Are you ready for the big secret of real estate marketing and Google Analytics?  Never open the application unless you have a … (2 comments)

ben kinney: Internet Marketing for Real Estate - 06/03/11 12:04 PM
Internet marketing for real estate agents can be a very powerful strategy or a very dangerous one. There are many things to learn about before jumping into the world of internet marketing for real estate.
Some of the most common questions asked by real estate agents about internet marketing include:
How do realtors generate social media leads? How are real estate blogs supposed to make me money? Which kinds of ads sell real estate on Craigslist and other classified sites? How do you set up Google AdWords PPC for real estate?  Any internet marketing focused Realtor will likely tell you that … (3 comments)

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