las vegas: Did you promise her a rose garden? Las Vegas. - 06/06/17 10:42 AM

Did you promise her a rose garden? How about a casita? For sale in Southern Terrace (next to Summerlin).
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las vegas: Are Married Couples Taking Title Correctly? - 07/06/16 05:24 AM
The article below is courtesy of the Law Offices of Lee A. Drizin, Chtd, published herein with their permission. The original post is here along with their contact information. It is recommended to consult a qualified attorney for decisions regarding holding title and estate planning.
John Brassner's website is here.
 Helping Married Couples Understand the Best Way to Own Real EstateJune 22, 2016
“One of the last things most home buyers think about is how to take title to their new house. It’s best to consult a real estate attorney before deciding but, unfortunately, most homeowners don’t do that.” Robert J. Bruss, Los Angeles Times, Picking the Best Way to Hold … (1 comments)

las vegas: New Las Vegas Air Traffic Control Tower - 01/09/16 08:54 AM
The new air traffic control tower at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas is set to open later this year. Here is a picture from today. The new tower is almost twice the height of the current installation and is estimated to cost around $100M. The tower's height will allow more visibility to the controllers and is designed to accept current and future traffic control technologies. … (2 comments)

las vegas: Do you know about Amazon Prime NOW in Las Vegas? - 12/28/15 03:33 PM
We live in amazing times. My cable modem went kaput tonight at about 10:15PM. I was working on important emails at the time. Within 45 minutes I had a new modem delivered to my door by "Amazon Prime Now" and provisioned (added to their network) over the phone with Cox tech support. The timeframe is not an exaggeration. In fact, it is around midnight as I write this blog.
Amazon Prime Now is a service that delivers many products to your door within two hours during daytime hours for no extra fee. You can opt to pay just a wee bit more to … (0 comments)

las vegas: Las Vegas High Rise Luxury - 12/03/15 10:52 AM
Live in Luxury at this gorgeous Turnberry Place condo.
Offered at $399,888 reduced from $420,000
2050 SF ◊ 416 SF Additional Terraces/Balconies ◊ 2 Bedrooms ◊ 2.5 Baths
Own part of Las Vegas. Gorgeous Turnberry Place highrise with high-end finishes. Enjoy your morning coffee or relax with your favorite evening drink on one of two tiled balconies with endless views. Impressive European-style kitchen with chef-grade appliances including huge Subzero Refrigerator. Huge bedrooms with walk-in closets. Garage parking and valet available.
See more at
John A. Brassner, REALTOR
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las vegas: Loan Programs (mortgages) for Canadians on Las Vegas Properties. - 08/18/15 06:30 AM
Loan programs  (mortgages) are difficult for Canadian residents wanting to buy Las Vegas, Nevada properties. Cash is best. However, there is one "reasonable" loan program available for Canadians. It does require 40% down payment and is not applicable to condominiums (condos). There are other requirements to the program, of course. Contact me if you need more info. But again, for several reasons, cash is your most sure option.
John Brassner, Broker-Salseperson, MBA
Savvy Home Realty Solutions

las vegas: List your home for 1%? Discount Listings? Is it real? - 07/13/15 11:20 AM
Hello, you may have found this post because you want to sell your Las Vegas area home and you heard about 1% listing programs/agents. I’m sorry to inform you folks but that is mostly a bait and switch tactic. It’s a way for them to get in the door and then they tell you how much it is really going to cost you. They neglected to tell you that the “1%” is only for the listing side and not for compensating the buyer’s agent. They also didn’t mention it is only in rare cases that they will list for that price. … (0 comments)

las vegas: Too much or too little inventory? Did the media mislead you? - 01/31/12 06:05 AM
A common perception is that Las Vegas has a “ton” of inventory. For those that have been actively looking to purchase a property in Las Vegas, especially entry-level houses, have experienced the opposite. Lets examine the market to find out the reality:
Take a look a the Foreclosure Filings graph below from This graph is for the state of Nevada. The green line, “Notice of Default,” is the bank filing telling the homeowner you have not paid your mortgage and the next step is a foreclosure filing, Notice of Sale. As you can see, the defaults went to near-zero in October … (3 comments)

las vegas: Dogs, Cats, and Ferrets, Oh My! Pets and Homes in Las Vegas. - 07/14/11 02:55 PM
12/28/15. This is an update to this blog which was originally published July, 2011.
I have seen a few questions regarding pet ownership in Las Vegas / Clark County so I thought I would service those questions with a basic summary of the regulations and issues in Las Vegas, Nevada and surrounding areas. Since my wife and I foster dogs, we have a special interest in the rules.
First let's summarize the county and municipalities regulations:
Clark County
For clarity, you would fall under the jurisdiction if you do not live within an incorporated city. When you live in a city, the city's regulations will … (1 comments)

las vegas: After Shooting Themselves in the Foot, Are Lenders Now Shooting for Their Heads? - 01/19/08 12:47 PM
Now that Lenders and Banks have taken their knocks with losses on adjustable rate mortgages, 100% stated loans, and other risky programs, they've learned their lessons, yes? No. You would think that banks would do everything in their power to prevent further losses. But this doesn't seem to be the case with "Short Sales."
For those that aren't familiar, a Short Sale is simply when a property is sold (or attempted to be sold), for less than is owed on the loan(s) with the agreement of the note holder. This type of sale method can be utilized to avoid a foreclosure or … (1 comments)

las vegas: Dogs are people too - 01/19/08 12:45 PM
Dogs are people too. Well, to some folks they are. And to most people their pets are part of the family (just as my Yuki is). Today I want to talk about some considerations when buying or renting a home if pets are part of the family.
So, your real estate agent just found you the purrfect home. There is plenty of room for Johnny and Susan and a big backyard for Sweety the Pitbull, Dumbo the Bull Mastiff, Tiny the Yorkshire Terrier, and Morris the Persian Cat. You put in an offer and the seller accepts! There is lots of … (3 comments)

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