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  I wrote a companion piece to a spring cleaning blog with the same title. I spent a bit of time researching this comment and I wanted to make sure it got noticed by those taking on the spring cleaning challenge.   Debbie Laity This post is incredible. As a professional marketer, I too have some ...
Active Rain Community,   I just wrapped up a four-day project that I am lovingly going to refer to as "4 days in the life of Placester".  For those that don't know Placester is a Real Estate website provider. Here are the quick facts:   The men in the picture above are the founders. Frederick Tow...
Active Rain Community:  This --> # is a hashtag. You use it in front of a keyword like #losangelesrealestate and it helps your social media posts become more visible on these social media platforms:   Instagram  Twitter Google +  Facebook  Pinterest   Using hashtags on Instagram. Hashtags act as ...
Active Rain Community,  Zurple. If you don't already know it's a real estate lead generation platform. You can find Active Rain User Reviews including one of my own HERE. Zurple advertises on facebook and Google/Bing looking for buyers and sellers prospects. It sends those prospects to a website....
Active Rain Community, Real Estate is a tough gig.  As it should be. Income is uncapped, and the profession can be pursued in any state and most countries.  Gary W. Keller inspires ME. He made my list of Top 50 greatest real estate quotes with ease. I have watched countless video's and been invit...

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