real estate online marketing: Sierra Interactive - A great real estate SEO website? - 05/20/20 01:34 AM
Inboundrem's Sierra Interactive review
I wrote a detailed review comparing Sierra Interactive with Commissions Inc. my own company InboundREM, KvCore and if you really dig for it Real Estate Webmasters and Bold Leads. You can find that review at the following website address.
My thoughts on Sierra Interactive as an SEO platform. 
As usual, I saved a little something JUST for all of you here on Active Rain. The little something, in this case, is my thoughts on Sierra Interactive as a Real Estate SEO platform. Now there are other reviews here on Active Rain that can talk in detail about transitioning over to … (0 comments)

real estate online marketing: How to use Active Rain For SEO in 2017 - 08/10/17 04:43 AM
How to use Active Rain for SEO| (From a guy that uses it effectively) 
I've been on Active rain for seven months. One of the things I have noticed is even EXPERIENCED bloggers are not using Active Rain for backlinking as effectively as they could be and inexperienced bloggers don't seem to be using it at all. I'm going to show almost all of you how to get the most out of your Active Rain Subscription. (Yes for Active Rain to be effective for SEO you need to spend the $199.00 for a years subscription) 
Before I show you how I want to illustrate how effective … (38 comments)

real estate online marketing: One Minute Marketing - Failure to plan a digital strategy. - 04/26/17 10:41 AM
Hello Active Rain,
Happy hump day. Today's one-minute marketing video talks about how FEW real estate professionals plan properly for their online AND offline businesses. Take 30 days and plan the rest of your career!

real estate online marketing: ONE MINUTE MARKETING: DAY ONE - 04/24/17 03:14 PM
Active Rain,
I am in the midst of doing a 30 day series of the TOP ONLINE MARKETING mistakes I see realtors make. 
I am using Instagram (inboundrem ADD ME) to post the original content. I am now uploading to YouTube and posting here. I'll do a few days worth. If no one comments or the comments are not overwhelmingly positive(which they have been on Instagram) I'll stop posting.
The videos are ONE MINUTE in length. Here is DAY ONE the biggest most common online marketing mistake I have observed real estate agents making over the last 10 years and 1000's of conversations.  

real estate online marketing: It's Time for Some Spring Cleaning With the Spring Cleanup Challenge - 03/29/17 03:00 PM
I wrote a companion piece to a spring cleaning blog with the same title. I spent a bit of time researching this comment and I wanted to make sure it got noticed by those taking on the spring cleaning challenge. 
Debbie Laity This post is incredible. As a professional marketer, I too have some spring cleaning to do. You've created an excellent "to-do" list for Active Rain readers. As a professional blogger, I have already done many of the items on your list and have resources that have made writing easier for me. I'm going to LINK to these resources using YOUR bullet points … (7 comments)

real estate online marketing: Anyone Use or considering using Placester? - 03/17/17 07:36 AM
Active Rain Community, 
I just wrapped up a four-day project that I am lovingly going to refer to as "4 days in the life of Placester". 
For those that don't know Placester is a Real Estate website provider. Here are the quick facts: 
The men in the picture above are the founders. Frederick Townes and Matt Barba. They met in 2008 and started a lesser known company called Rent app. In 2011 they changed the name of the company to Placester.  Placester now has 400,000 customers including RE-MAX and Keller Williams. You might be using one of their websites and not even know it.  … (4 comments)

real estate online marketing: Zurple Lead Generation - A Case Study - 03/05/17 06:18 PM
Active Rain Community, 
Zurple. If you don't already know it's a real estate lead generation platform. You can find Active Rain User Reviews including one of my own HERE.
Zurple advertises on facebook and Google/Bing looking for buyers and sellers prospects. It sends those prospects to a website. 
The website looks like this. I've outlined the important elements of the home page. 

You can click on "address" as part of this search results page and others. That's when Zurple requires registration. If you register you see a unique page combining "listing" push pins and Google street view of the listing you are interested in. 
I have already posted on … (2 comments)

real estate online marketing: What is a real estate niche? - 02/27/17 05:43 PM
Active Rain Community,
Simply put a niche is an area of specialization. For seasoned real estate professionals, the term will not be new. What I am referring to is ONLINE real estate niches.  I like learning by example, so I am going to teach by example.  
An online real estate niche is a website | Facebook page | Twitter account dedicated to: 
Types of housing  Types of Architecture  Types of real estate transactions  Types of buyers or sellers  Location  Special Licenses or relationships   
Here are those examples I promised. 
Joyce Rey has a strict 8 MILLION dollar + luxury focus. Does not personally list or sell a … (6 comments)

real estate online marketing: Creating A Viral Pinterest Meme for Real Estate 5/5 (VIDEO) - 02/16/17 12:03 PM
Active Rain Community,
Thank you for all the support. This series has been my most popular by far. So much so I created some BONUS content for those of you who find audio and video a little easier to digest. 
Please bring yourself up to speed with the first 4 installments of this series. 
Why should I create image based content? (POST ONE)
Researching competitors to come up with VIRAL meme content. (POST TWO) 
The mechanics of creating a meme. POST THREE
Some ideas on how to create an ORGINAL unplagiarized meme. POST FOUR 
You can also check out my real estate meme post on inboundREM or my IMAGE … (0 comments)

real estate online marketing: Taking an Image and Making it a VIRAL Meme 3/5 - 02/09/17 09:30 PM
Dear Active Rain Readers,
This is my third post on creating a Viral Pinterest Pin. Here is what you can expect from this installment. 
How to Select an Image  How to select the text for the MEME  That's it! Keeping it simple. 
You do need to read the PREVIOUS two posts. 
How to create a VIRAL real estate meme POST #1
Researching a viral real estate meme POST #2 
You should have already researched your competitors on Pinterest and Instagram. If you have, then you already have identified meme's that have repins and shares. Here is the pin I created using the same method I am going … (5 comments)

real estate online marketing: How to use other bloggers content for SEO. - 02/06/17 07:12 PM
Dear Active Rain,
Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to spend a ton of time blogging? Even nicer if you could get some good SEO out of SHARING other people's content? Good news. You can. This post isn't going to be a highly detailed "how to". Instead, I am simply going to point you in the right direction. 
Here are some extremely EASY ways to take EXISTING content and use it yourself while still maintaining SEO value. 
Do you have a favorite blogger that writes in the "7 reasons you need to..." 10 top reasons .." etc ect? If you are familiar with a … (1 comments)

real estate online marketing: Creating a Viral Pinterest Post (RESEARCH) Part 2 of 5 - 01/27/17 03:58 PM
Active Rain Readers,
If you didn't tune into my post yesterday, you should read it so that THIS post will make sense. 
Today I am going to talk about research. Full disclosure I had a few clues as to what Pinterest users were looking for regarding something that might work for my Real Estate Marketing blog. I decided on meme's because the topic itself centered around photo's and some research using the following tools showed a decent amount of search volume.  
Google Keyword Planner  Sem Rush Organic Search  Ahref's "Keyword Idea's   
Here is the AHREF's result 
Next, I wanted to see HOW … (12 comments)

real estate online marketing: How Pinterest Generates as much traffic as ALL other marketing efforts - 01/24/17 02:29 PM
Not kidding. Pinterest by itself generates more traffic to my website than ALL other SEO efforts combined.
Keeping this short and sweet. Here is a rough estimate of all of my traditional SEO efforts for inboundrem.
SEO consists of producing content (blog posts). In today's SEO environment you want to produce the BEST piece of content available on the web for the keywords your targeting. So you may need images, graphs, infographics, and video. 
Once produced you need to promote your blog post socially in as many places as you can. Here is a short list. 
Facegroups that are relevant to topic  Google + groups relevant to … (6 comments)

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