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Active Rain Community,  Zurple. If you don't already know it's a real estate lead generation platform. You can find Active Rain User Reviews including one of my own HERE. Zurple advertises on facebook and Google/Bing looking for buyers and sellers prospects. It sends those prospects to a website....
Active Rain Community, Real Estate is a tough gig.  As it should be. Income is uncapped, and the profession can be pursued in any state and most countries.  Gary W. Keller inspires ME. He made my list of Top 50 greatest real estate quotes with ease. I have watched countless video's and been invit...
Active Rain Community,  Simply put a niche is an area of specialization. For seasoned real estate professionals, the term will not be new. What I am referring to is ONLINE real estate niches.  I like learning by example, so I am going to teach by example.   An online real estate niche is a websit...
Active Rain Community, Thank you for all the support. This series has been my most popular by far. So much so I created some BONUS content for those of you who find audio and video a little easier to digest.  Please bring yourself up to speed with the first 4 installments of this series.  Why sho...
Active Rain Readers:  Today's the 4th installment in my series on creating "viral" Pinterest pins. I'll be giving you THREE great idea's on creating original memes. You can also see my post the Top 50  real estate memes of all time.  Yhat is the SOLE driver for the results you see below. This is ...
Dear Active Rain Readers, This is my third post on creating a Viral Pinterest Pin. Here is what you can expect from this installment.   How to Select an Image  How to select the text for the MEME  That's it! Keeping it simple. You do need to read the PREVIOUS two posts. How to create a VIRAL real...
Dear Active Rain, Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to spend a ton of time blogging? Even nicer if you could get some good SEO out of SHARING other people's content? Good news. You can. This post isn't going to be a highly detailed "how to". Instead, I am simply going to point you in the rig...
Active Rain Readers, If you didn't tune into my post yesterday, you should read it so that THIS post will make sense.  YESTERDAYS POST Today I am going to talk about research. Full disclosure I had a few clues as to what Pinterest users were looking for regarding something that might work for my ...
Dear Active Rain Readers, I very much want to share a detailed description of how I ended up with FOUR viral pins on Pinterest off a single blogs post from 13 months ago. But first, let me give you a little incentive to stick with me as I find time over the next couple of weeks to WRITE these pos...
 Not kidding. Pinterest by itself generates more traffic to my website than ALL other SEO efforts combined. Keeping this short and sweet. Here is a rough estimate of all of my traditional SEO efforts for inboundrem.SEO consists of producing content (blog posts). In today's SEO environment you wan...

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