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It's not surprising that many students go through college without health insurance. Students generally have limited budgets, and health insurance isn't necessarily on their minds - after all, there are student loans to think of and resumes to send out. However, having a health insurance policy wh...
When the first U.S. swine flu death occurred, everyone grew alarmed and alert. The doctors offices were flooded with those who believed they had the disease. Even though most of these cases were (thankfully) psychosomatic, the doctors visits did cost money, and those who got the doctors to write ...
Guaranteed issue health insurance, or "indemnity insurance," is a type of health coverage that's guaranteed to you, regardless of your health conditions. Insurance companies often refuse to insure those with serious health issues, which can be a problem when it comes to qualifying for regular cov...
Did you know that while your health policy covers medical expenses due to accidents or illnesses, it won't cover the many expenses that come with your long term care? That's what a critical care policy is for. A critical care policy basically adds an extra layer of financial protection beyond the...
Have you heard of guaranteed issue insurance? This is a form of health coverage that offers extra protection for you or a family member becomes hospitalized. It pays a fixed amount each day, week, or month that you/they are in the hospital.  It can also be used for medical or other expenses. It's...
Recently, an L.A. clinic announced that it will be offering services to genetically engineer traits for unborn children, including gender. The fertility treatment is based on a procedure called "pre-implantation genetic diagnosis", or PGD. PGD has been used primarily to combat disease in young ch...
No one should go without health insurance. Accidents happen every day, and no one is invincible. One small accident could cost you thousands of dollars. Paying for medicine to take care of a stomach bug could mean you don't go grocery shopping for a couple of weeks. But what if your employer does...
Life insurance can be a huge benefit to you and your loved ones. If you’ve been considering it lately for you and your family, check out these guidelines to see if it’s right for you: Are you a “beginning” family? If so, it’s the perfect time to buy life insurance. If you and your spouse just had...
Four nights ago, I called my 22-year-old son who lives about three hours from myself and my wife. He’s currently attending college and I wanted to make sure he would definitely be coming home for Thanksgiving and staying over the weekend. He assured me that he was, but he politely asked me to not...

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