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As we look for changes that might result from the Repogate foreclosure fiasco, there are actions being taken by courts might give some indication of the future.  Kenton County, Kentucky will start requiring that foreclosure filings be accompanied by a copy of the note, as well as recorded mortgag...
As HUD has transitioned to a new system, there are still some homes remaining from the old system.  HMBI placed their last homes in Indiana on the market during the weekend of Sept. 10.  Since then, hundreds of homes have been sold.  There are now 175 HUD Homes remaining.  Bids can be placed from...
Fidelity National made a move that might help resolve title insurance issues related to bank-owned REO's, According to an article in DS News, Fidelity National will start requiring lenders to have an agreement where the lender will reimburse the title company for any losses and court costs relate...
I was talking to a friend about an REO closing that kept getting delayed.  Now the listing agent has received a letter that the closing is being postponed indefinitely while the bank evaluates their files.  They offered my friend's buyer a refund of earnest money or an extension for the time to c...
Fidelity National will write title insurance for Bank of America foreclosed properties.  Bank of America has agreed to be responsible for settlements and costs related to court actions. This news was reported in an article in DS News. Perhaps this will be a pattern agreement that will allow REO s...
One way to avoid the threat of foreclosure is to NOT have a mortgage.  In many parts of the country this is not feasible for most people.  But there are parts of the country where a seller can cash in their equity and buy a home.  There are opportunities like that in Central Indiana. Even if a b...
Check one of the online news sources for live coverage from Chile.  I just watched the rescue capsule being lowered into the mine with one person who was going into the mine to assist in the rescue below.  The coverage I was wateching was, but it should also be on and other ne...
No doubt a To Do list is a valuable part of anybody's personal productivity.  And yes, a to do list can be quite long if you include some of those long range plans and dreams.  But maybe just as important to a person's productivity is a To Not Do list.  Experience can be a great teacher if we don...
Every scandal or crisis needs a name.  And as part of time-honored American tradition, that name should end in "gate" out of respect to the Watergate scandal of the early 1970's.  Watergate was so much more than a break-in at an office.  It extended to the cover-up, dirty tricks, and a string of ...
If you keep up with the news, Bank of America's announcent extending their foreclosure freeze to all 50 stateshas been spreading with people wondering what is next?  The "Repogate" foreclosure fiasco has taken several turns. Here are some observations as I have seen it. I attended a Sheriff Sale ...

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