book review: The Digital Handshake - a Social Media MUST - 09/09/09 02:58 PM
If you follow me at all anywhere on the Interwebs, you have heard me mention The Digital Handshake - book by Paul Chaney that's available for pre-order and about to come out any day now. Some people have asked me how I can endorse a book without even reading it and the answer is simple: Paul Chaney has personally helped my business and has opened my eyes to the power of social media.
It first started with his book Realty Blogging (which he co-authored with Richard Natch), and then was my coach and mentor during the Inman News sponsored "Project Blogger" … (21 comments)

book review: GET A LIFE! - Review #7 of The WeBLOG Handbook, by Rebecca Blood - 02/02/07 01:28 PM
This is the last review of a series, of a book called WeBLOG, by Rebecca Blood. 
Although I will go over the last Chapter, I urge everyone to look beyond Chapter 7 into great tools included by the author in Appendix I, II and II at the end - which cover tutorials from writing linktext to buying a Domain.
I found the author's tone in this book to be motherly and nurturing, as if Rebecca was speaking directly to me and telling me the do's and don'ts of blogging - as if she was holding me by the hand showing me the ropes.  … (26 comments)

book review: Why Blog – Review #2 of The WeBLOG Handbook, by Rebecca Blood - 01/15/07 11:51 AM
This is the second review of a series, of a book called WeBLOG, by Rebecca Blood.  The first review, written by Mariana Wagner will give you some history of blogs including who started, how, and when.    I will focus on WHY and WHO.
If you are reading this, there's a good chance that you not only are reading blogs, but you are writing them.  A lot of us got into it to get more business, some others because it was fun.   There are others that are letting that inner writing monster out for the first time and are enjoying it!  Well....Rebecca tells … (33 comments)

book review: Intranet WHAT?? Internal Chit Chat revived (Realty Blogging, review #9) - 01/03/07 12:25 PM
For all of you managers and brokerage owners out there, have you ever considered blogs for internal communication with your agents and your staff?  Well....the exciting news is that Realty Blogging says you should.  Whether you have a single-office real estate company, or a multi-office brokerage company, (even regional or national membership trade associations), all these can benefit from better internal communication that is easy and cost efficient.
Some of these companies and associations may already use intranet applications or rely on e-mails for announcements but there are problems with both approaches.  Traditional intranets can be expensive and difficult to use.  E-mail … (39 comments)

book review: Branding through Blogging (Realty Blogging Review #4) - 12/06/06 03:20 AM
First I want to encourage all of you out there to read this book - Whether a new blogger or a seasoned veteran - Realty Blogging will have something for everyone - from explaining techie terms to helping you with your marketing and even SEO (search engine optimization).  This book simplifies the concept of blogging and guides you on how to do it successfully.
These are the items that popped out at me with regards to Blogging and Branding:
"Integrating blogs into your mainstream marketing strategies is a successful branding technique for the small business owner"?"BRANDING IS MORE THAN JUST A BUSINESS BUZZWORD""Blogs … (51 comments)