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Welcome to the second week of 'Board Briefs' - the Fort Collins Board of Realtors’ weekly news update, starring myself and three other innocent victims intrepid Realtors. We hope that you find it useful or at least entertaining. Happy Holidays!     Follow us on YouTube to stay up to date on what...
Consider for a moment: …The ‘this is hot’ hot coffee disclaimer because someone was a bit too litigious. …The pricey buffet lunch because of the guy who stuffed his pockets with shrimp on the way out. …The restricted access lane because someone forgot to signal when turning left. …The end of  ‘Ca...
Here is a great list for new homebuyers to consider as their 'post close' to-do list.  Its important to take those first big steps to guard your safety and settle into your new home the right way.There are a few little details you may want to add to your buyer’s checklist, just for your own piece...
The Rocky Mountains have long been held as a noteworthy adversary for explorers of all types and sizes but they are also a challenge for aircraft.  This was especially true during the first century of manned flight.  In fact, there were an estimated 28 aircraft lost to Colorado mountainsides from...
I’d written a lovely blog post this week about how excited I was for my business in 2011.  Then yesterday the world tilted and shook that right up. Our beloved little independent company, Infinity Group Realty, was acquired yesterday by ERA Herman Group Real Estate.  And, while ERA Herman Group h...
This is just a brief insight into the humor in my life. My Sadie dog goes wacky, showing off with ‘The Greatest Tennis Ball EVER’. I’m pretty sure she learned a few of those moves from me. Enjoy!
Ever run across a bully?  Somehow a few of them lasted through their school years and have aged into oversized jerks with too much free time and the fervent belief that if they can then they should. I have a new bully 'friend'.  I say friend because I’m clinging to every scrap of positive energy ...

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