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My parents had a guest this Easter – a woman who was our neighbor for many years when we were kids.  There was no such thing as a babysitter where I grew up, so after daycare or school my brother and I were on our own until our parents got home from work.  This woman, whom I now call Tasha, was ...
It’s Saturday.  Two dozen eggs waiting to be painted old school, with onion skins, by our ten year-old remind me that tomorrow is Easter.  Not being a religious sort, for me, Easter has always been the beginning of Spring.  There is shiny new-ness to the brand new leaves on my few garden dwellers...
I see it on Active Rain almost daily and a handful of articles a week land in my inbox, touting SEO WordPress Blog Design and such.  I hate to tell you, but there is no such thing.  There is website design, wordpress website design, blog design and then there is SEO.  But there is no such thing a...
Real estate web design seems all the rage now.  You hit Google and hundreds of pages show up with various real estate web design firms that that weren’t there a year or even six months ago, and new ones coming daily.  With so much stuff out there, what should you be looking for in your real esta...
With all the articles on the subject of how to rank at the top of Google for your real estate website, it’s hard not to pay attention and harder still not to engage in this bit of competitive climb to the top.  For some, it becomes an addiction of sorts that they are able to feed all on their ow...
Hi all.  Some of you may have noticed that our site was under-construction these last few weeks, so you couldn't get to anything.  We've been trying our best to find the time to redo our site for the better part of the last four years to no avail, and so finally, when planning for it was obviousl...
  In light of the last week or so of weird blog wars and such, interesting reading.  Some people just can't play fair... Too bad; too bad for the future of this platform that seems ok with being nothing more than an advertising venue for some members at the expense of those who actually contribut...

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