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I’ve been rather hip and popular lately. I got the G+ circles with folks whose names or faces I don’t recognize sharing stuff with me on Google Plus, I’ve got FB friends and fans, twitter followers (although I hardly ever tweet), LinkedIn invites and all sorts of other nifty things that ought to ...
Todd Carpenter wrote an interesting post about Klout last week, with the gist of it being that paying attention to Klout score doesn’t necessarily measure anything worth measuring for a real estate professional.  The way to get your Klout score up is basically to talk to and be +K’ed or mentioned...
On a personal level, I enjoy helping people.  I always have.  The harder the case the better.  I seek out broken things to fix – makes me feel good.  Professionally, I own a full service marketing company.  I get to help people succeed in business, whatever business they are in.  As such, we find...
I’ve gotten the privilege to play in the new, shiny, nifty GooglePlus for a few days now. I’ve been circled, shared, +1ed and darn near everything else, less huddled with. I, too, have circled and +1ed in return, as is only to be expected, given that those of us hanging out together were indeed a...

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