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Ok so I needed a Christmas Kitten like I need five more Holiday pounds but both seemed unavoidable!                                                                  My husband found a family of cats behind a dumpster eating garbage and with much difficulty managed to catch one little bitty one ab...
If you haven't already done so, It's high time to fill up the bird feeders! feeders come in all shapes and sizes and can be very eye catching, pleasing additions to the front or back yard.They are also a joy to have around, as depending on the ...
Do you recall Gulliver's Travels? Having recently reread the classic work Gulliver's Travels by Johnathan Swift, I have come to question its generally being held as a children's book. I certainly ...
ATTN: All Harry Potter Fans... Just in case you missed the big news... Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Movie #5 comes out on DVD next Tuesday December 11thI enjoyed this movie exceedingly more than #4 and I am excited ...
So you read and enjoy Historical Fiction? Good, thats me too!I will try just about any Historical Fiction author at least once and a select few I go back to for more. My most recent discovery is someone who has been around a while and is rather a big name in Historical Fiction, Philippa Gregory. ...
I know my favorite Magazines/Journals have to have the fallowing:-Fantastic and Colorful Photography (because as A Photographer I value them precious) -Engaging and Useful Articles and Tips -Accurate Historical and Well Written Articles or-Entertaining and Informative Articles  -Worth the $$$$$! ...
MUMS- Great for Fall Color + Curb Appeal! Here in Texas, Mums are in full bloom and many house holds are adorning them in gardens, window boxes, and porch pots. They are easy to maintain and most variety's are perennials so you may enjoy them year after year. So why not use them to their full adv...
Title: Mr. Darcy's Daughters Author:  Aston, Elizabeth                                                         Genre: Fiction Early 1800's EnglandAs one of several Aston Novels this is the first I read and perhaps my favorite. It obviously is written in the style of Jane Austen and is well writte...
Stressing out much lately? No time for books or extensive outdoor activities?Have you tried a crossword puzzle? Trust me this works... just take ten minutes out of your busy hectic day to sit down with a handy book of crosswords and make yourself finish a puzzle. You will involuntarily take your ...
Title: Presumption Author: Barrett, Julia. Genre: Fiction-Novel late 1700's England This will be a short review as I am not completely sure what all can be said of this book. First off it is important to know that this is a ghost writing or continuation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. It is...

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