Netbooks are little computers that are receiving big attention these days. Netbooks are actually mini-notebook computers with limited applications. They are designed to be extremely portable, allowing internet use while out and about (hence the "net" in netbook). A netbook has a screen size of tw...
Houston experienced another double-digit drop in one year home sales in December 2008. This was the sixteenth consecutive month experiencing a drop from its counterpart one year prior, and the tenth consecutive month with a double-digit decrease. The average home price dropped 10.13 percent in th...
  The one-year drop in home sales for November 2008 was the highest drop seen in a dismal year. Every month in 2008 lost sales from their 2007 counterpart. The lowest drop came in February, which was 8.47 percent lower than February of 2007. This was the only single digit drop in the year. Novemb...
Even in the best of times, selling a house during the long winter months can be a challenge. In these tough economic times many would-be home sellers are opting to hold onto their house until the market starts looking up. Not everyone has that option due to job changes, finances and other circums...

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