houston: A Guide to Kemah, Texas - 05/28/09 11:01 PM
Summer is quickly approaching and many families will be planning out their summer vacations. Kemah is a small city of just under 3,000 that lies between Houston and Galveston. Less than 200 miles from the Austin area, it makes a great vacation destination.

The most popular destination in Kemah is the Boardwalk; it is located on Galveston Bay. When hurricane Ike hit the gulf coast, much of the boardwalk was destroyed. Over the past year, it has been rebuilt and is open for business.

The boardwalk is a mini amusement park has many attractions for the entire family; … (1 comments)

houston: Gardening in Central Texas - 10/30/08 07:34 PM
Gardening in Central Texas can be a tricky proposition to new comers to the area. At first glance, it seems that the long summer would be ideal for growing all kinds of fantastic items, but in fact no. The heat is too intense, the rain too infrequent, to support most of what northerners consider viable summer crops.
If you insist upon gardening in the summer, you must plant early. Long-maturing crops, that is crops that need 90-120 days, are best for summer gardens. The average last freeze date in Austin is March 18. With that in mind, plant the following … (1 comments)


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