houston real estate: Thrifty Home Improvement Tips : Don't Let The Recession Derail Your Project - 07/04/09 10:05 PM
Last fall, the word "recessionista" began popping up in mainstream media. Since then, it has become popular and chic to live a lifestyle that embodies high style without the high prices. Being a recessionista doesn't have to stop with your clothes, though; here is a list of ideas to give your home a recessional friendly style update!

Reupholster your dining room chairs or sofa cushions- To really cut costs, browse through the clearance aisle at your local fabric store.
Mix up the color scheme of the pillows and placemats. Updating for the seasons can really give a room a … (1 comments)

houston real estate: You Can Avoid Bankruptcy - 07/04/09 09:59 PM
Your debts are piled up to an extent that you can't see past them. Your view into your financial future is blocked by your unpromising present. You're feeling hopeless and helpless. Well, don't despair. There is hope and there is help.

If you are considering bankruptcy, then your debts have not had the attention they needed. It could be due to many factors - e.g., medical emergency, divorce. Regardless, you need to look at this as an opportunity to get your financial life in order.
You will need to address several specifics in order to get a grasp on … (2 comments)

houston real estate: Will the Stimulus Package Help Struggling Real Estate Markets? - 06/20/09 03:36 PM
The mortgage crisis has created a ripple of upheaval throughout the nation. There isn't one major city that hasn't been impacted by foreclosures and unemployment in these tough economic times. Foreclosures and the high jobless rates present risks and challenges for a troubled economy. The stimulus package is intended to be instrumental to mitigate these risks and challenges. Below are several cities that are considered the riskiest in which to invest in today's market, and how the stimulus package will impact each.

1. Detroit, Michigan - Real estate has hit an all-time low, let me repeat, all time of … (1 comments)

houston real estate: Central Texas Profiles : Brenham, Texas - 05/28/09 10:52 PM
Brenham is located on highway 290; about 75 miles northwest of Houston and 90 miles from Austin. Brenham was established around 1843 and was named after a Republic Of Texas hero by the name of Dr. Richard Fox Brenham, who had practiced medicine in the area.

Brenham is located in Washington County and is the County seat, with a population nearing 15,000 and Brenham is the home and headquarters for Blue Bell Creameries. Blue Bell is the third best selling ice cream in the country, despite only being sold in about seventeen states.

The creamery was founded in … (0 comments)

houston real estate: Top U.S. Retail Chains Bankrupt - 05/14/09 09:19 PM
Bombay - Sadly, this chain failed and filed for bankruptcy in September 2007. All assets were liquidated and the company's trademark, intellectual property and trade names were later purchased by Hilco Consumer Resources and Gordon Brothers Group for $2 million in cash. You'll see these investors pop up throughout this list. They acquired many of these dismantled stores.

Circuit City - If you've got any of this company's gift cards, better redeem them before March 31, when they close their doors for good. During the liquidation period, warranties on new purchases will continue to be honored and they will still … (5 comments)

houston real estate: If Treasury Can't Stabilize the Housing Market, Maybe Immigration Can - 05/14/09 09:06 PM
After trying to help Americans pay their first mortgages, the Obama administration is now going to tackle second mortgages. This latest effort to address the housing crisis offers incentives to mortgage lenders to lower interest rates of so called "piggyback" loans.

According to a recent Associated Press article, nearly half of all trouble mortgages have a second mortgage attached to them that enabled the borrowers to make--or even avoid--a down payment. The main problem with these loans, beyond the fact that they were often given to borrowers with poor credit, is that different companies often hold the two mortgages. When … (3 comments)

houston real estate: Tips for Landing a Job in a Tough Economy - 04/06/09 07:03 AM
If you are one of the millions of people who have lost your job due to a failing economy, times can be tough. It can be even harder getting back on your feet. Finding a job these days can be hard. Unemployment is at a 14 year high and many people are in the same situation; jobless.

There are many places to look for work, one is online. This seems to be the first place people go to when in search of new employment. If you want to get noticed, it is important to stand out in the crowd. Here … (0 comments)

houston real estate: Houston Real Estate Stats for February - 04/06/09 06:31 AM
The Houston real estate market saw a slight gain in February going from 3065 sales last month to 3762 sales this month.   If we compare to two years ago it looks like the market slightly improved.  This month we saw a 31.91% decrease in sales compared to two years ago while in January we saw a 34.02% decresase compared to two years ago. Average prices are down 10.5% this month. Although prices are still down this is an improvement from last month when prices were down 12.04% year over year. More statistics are posted on our Houston Real Estate Blogalong with … (0 comments)

houston real estate: The Houston Market Slows Down In November - 01/06/09 02:46 PM
The one-year drop in home sales for November 2008 was the highest drop seen in a dismal year. Every month in 2008 lost sales from their 2007 counterpart. The lowest drop came in February, which was 8.47 percent lower than February of 2007. This was the only single digit drop in the year. November saw a 32.06 percent loss in sales from the preceding November.  (to read more go to Houston Real Estate Blog)
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houston real estate: Gardening in Central Texas - 10/30/08 07:34 PM
Gardening in Central Texas can be a tricky proposition to new comers to the area. At first glance, it seems that the long summer would be ideal for growing all kinds of fantastic items, but in fact no. The heat is too intense, the rain too infrequent, to support most of what northerners consider viable summer crops.
If you insist upon gardening in the summer, you must plant early. Long-maturing crops, that is crops that need 90-120 days, are best for summer gardens. The average last freeze date in Austin is March 18. With that in mind, plant the following … (1 comments)


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