challenge: Inspiration in the RAIN! - 01/27/12 02:53 PM
Inspiration in the RAIN! There's a blog Challenge I'm completing that requires writing 2 posts about how I choose TOPICS for my Blog, and how I develop the THEME.
That's an easy one! So on this first post of 2, I will talk about Inspiration in the RAIN!
My first blog just naturally was an INTRODUCTION of myself and my business! Then 3 others followed talking about Inspection related services. I was thinking I needed to Blog about what I do! But as I got to looking around, I saw I could talk about anything! Look Out! Here I come!
Then … (8 comments)

challenge: I'm FAST, EASY, and CHEAP! - 01/23/12 03:58 PM
If we are what we eat... I'm FAST, EASY, and CHEAP!

 That's the TRUTH! 
I'm GUILTY!!! 
Fast food SURROUNDS us!
It's everywhere!
On the road, in the stores, at the gas station, in our freezer, anywhere and everywhere!
Seems like we all try to fit so much in a day. Especially in this line of work! We're always on the Go! 

Is this the FOOD PYRAMID you have used for MOST of your LIFETIME?
We really need to take the time to take better care of ourselves.

challenge: "TRUST Me"... We hear that so often! What do you do? - 01/15/12 03:26 PM
"TRUST Me"......... We hear that so often! What do you do?
I must say that I've seen comments lately that say:
"Those who don't trust, aren't trustworthy." I strongly disagree with that. I feel trust is something you earn. You build it over a period of time. I'm not going to just immediately trust someone.
They must show me they are worthy of trust.

If you are looking for a babysitter for your child are you just going to drop them off the second you meet that new babysitter? Do you TRUST them already. Or are you thoroughly going to … (10 comments)

challenge: Aktiv Rane offurz Edjamacshun Webennarz tu Memburz! - 01/14/12 11:30 AM
ActiveRain offers Education Webinars to Members!
I sure wish there were a SPELLCHECK button in the Title Section! If it weren't for spellcheck my posts would be a mess! Ha! LOL!
Spelling...something we learned so early in our lives. Something we must keep doing or we soon forget. I know...I have forgotten how to spell words that I spelled correctly and without a second thought years ago. I'm thinking the saying "Use it, or Lose it" is very true!
Education...So important! Often times we make mistakes regarding our education. I know. I DID! Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda is something I often say … (18 comments)

challenge: Newbies! Listen up! So much little time! Learn from the MASTERS! - 01/13/12 08:46 AM
So much talent...So little time! Members give soooo much! Gosh I wish there were more hours in the day! I could easily spend countless hours on Active Rain. I feel like a SPONGE! LOL! Soaking up all the tips, ideas, experiences, advice, etc, here on Active Rain.
Members are so giving! If a newbie in the industry would just bury themself in Active Rain for a month before hitting the floor they could easily become a SUPER STAR in the industry. I'm sure of it! It's ALL right here on Active Rain! Someone has shared it! Now it's up to us … (14 comments)

challenge: Do to others as you would have them do to you. - 01/10/12 03:52 AM
Do to others as you would have them do to you!
It's in Black and White as it should be.
No fine gray line, you are on the edge of crossing.
It's clear and easy for anyone to understand.
I LOVE my Active Rain family! I have read SOOOOOOOO many blog posts in the Active Rain, and still have not stumbled upon a single post where The Golden Rule has been broken. I'm sure some are out there, but happily I have not found any. I LOVE the RESPECT that members have for each other.I LOVE how … (10 comments)

Cheryl Dickson, Retired Realtor, GRI / Retired Home Inspector (Retired Realtor / Retired Home Inspector)

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