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  If you’re selling your home you are competing against all of the banks who have a large number of foreclosed properties and home builders trying to get rid of their inventory. These homes are all priced to sell! Selling your home for top dollar in this kind of market can be challenging. So what...
Before putting a home on the market many sellers will paint, put new carpet in, remodel the kitchen and bathrooms, etc. Many times home owners are not aware of maintenance issues and repairs that are needed until a buyer makes an offer and hires a home inspector. Doesn't it make sense to find out...
Foreclosed Homes Jacksonville Florida I recorded this radio show with a friend of mine to help people buying a foreclosed home learn how they can get the best deal. This will be the best hour you will spend if you are planning on buying a foreclosed home in Jacksonville. Some of the things discus...
Stop Roof Leaks - Jacksonville Home Inspector Tips One of the most common items identified by Jacksonville home inspectors is bad plumbing vent boots. The purpose of these are to seal around the plumbing vents which allow sewer gasses to escape your home.  The reason these boots fail is the sun w...
Find A Home Inspector Jacksonville Florida With all of the choices you have it can be difficult to Find A Home Inspector. So how can you make sure that you are selecting an inspector that will do the best job for you? Well there are many factors to consider. How much the inspection costs is usual...
  New Construction Inspection Jacksonville Florida It is just as important for someone buying a new home to get a home inspection as it is for people buying existing homes. Why? Because a lot of the issues found on resales were present at the time the original buyer moved in or were caused by def...


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