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Bob's Blog is a continuing series of building technology half page or longer articles for Real Estate Professionals, as well as home buyers and home sellers. Information is presented from an experienced construction professional and residential inspector.



Yes. I throw rocks at houses.  I started in back high school. I've resisted the temptation for years but fell off the wagon a few years ago. I'm back at it. And my rocks, they aint' pebbles. No sir these are big. Big chunks of granite (when I can get my hands on them). But no homes are ever damag...
  Invasion of the house snatchers! They’re not teenagers but they’ll eat you out of house and home! It happened here. At a million dollar estate, a beautiful house in semi rural 'horse' country. With big beautiful evergreens towering behind the home. Picturesque.  The Tree -Up close; -It’s away f...
The GUILLOTINE O.M.G.  (OMG: Oh My God) This is a photo from an inspection I carried out last summer (July 2010). It had what I would call an O.M.G. (Oh My God) situation. Can you spot it? In the photo all the lights are on, plus flashlights, plus the camera flash. It's still hard to see. I had l...
What’s it for?  (Valentine passion pink panels) and What is it?  This home had two of these, one on each slope of the roof. There are two obvious problems. One is that the gutter empties onto the roofing shingles and the other is that it is built on top of the shingles. Another issue may be that ...
  Got to this site;      (do the cut and paste thing to your browser address bar).   I was having a conversation with another inspector yesterday.  We were discussing door requirements between garages and houses. I decided I would send him a link showing an excellent ...
    What’s wrong with this loose pedestal sink? (not counting that it’s loose)   If you looked underneath or ran your hand down the drainpipe, everything is smooth, straight, clean, no leaks.  The drain stopper lifter needs adjustment, but that’s just maintenance. The taps are good, tight, no lea...
  Bed Bugs: Inspecting for the New "House Herpes" by Nick Gromicko and Rob London      Bed bugs are small, flightless, rust-colored parasites that feed on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded animals. Inspectors should learn the telltale signs of these pests and be capable of providing info...
Here is something you should know : Asbestos components are not limited to PAST installations . Read the lettering on the pipe. It says the same thing in both french and English. "Asbestose cement do not dry cut" This is a warning for the installers. Now look at the date above that; '13.05.09' Th...
No Guts, No Glory!   The guts label is that this under sink drainage installation resembles an intestinal tract. So this gung ho weekend warrior decided to 'go for it'. Clearly he didn't know exactly what to do but he had a problem to solve. He got the glory - it doesn't leak and it's not clogged...
THE WORST MLS  Photo, from the O.M.G.Files of Robert Butler - Aspect Inspection Here it is. The worst photo I've ever seen on an MLS listing (and the only one). I've never seen another one taken at night! This was late December a year or two ago. This may have been late afternoon, but  the street...

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