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Bob's Blog is a continuing series of building technology half page or longer articles for Real Estate Professionals, as well as home buyers and home sellers. Information is presented from an experienced construction professional and residential inspector.



What Is It? And Why Did A Chippie Make It? Well first you might ask is 'What's a chippie?' Well that's simply an old term for a carpenter or wood fitter, because they were very effective in removing large amounts of wood with adzes, axes and chisels. This is of course in the days before power to...
  Here is a beautifully written blog about the value in having a home inspection. The experience described is a process I often see buyers go through. This is written by a colleague in Connecticut, James Quarello.   Beauty is said to be only skin deep. A pretty face can conceal a dark heart. And ...
   Does 'FLASHING" remind you of a 'perv' in the park?  Does that mean "CAULK" is a 4 letter word to you ? That' seems to be the case now a days. INTRODUCTIONS : On the left: Roofing meet flashing (black cap flashing). Flashing meet caulk. Caulk meet old tar ( old brittle cracked leaking tar). On...
WATER In the Frame and on Display. Most people put up framed photos or art work of some kind, under glass to protect it. Photos are usually people, places or events  that are memorable to the residents. Art is put up for decor, colour or effect. This sort of framed wall decor is rarer. In fact i...
Is 'CAULK' a 4 letter word to you ?   Does that mean "FLASHING" reminds you of a 'perv' in the park. I would think so judging by the number of places I'm seeing that should have flashing in use but has none or is relying on caulked seams instead. A blog Relying on Caulking  by a fellow inspector,...
How many times do I see the following condition; a popped hatch. Yes it’s popped open or lifted when a door or window is opened somewhere and it’s a windy day or the wind is hitting that side of the house. The sudden increase in air pressure will lift the hatch (it’s not heavy). It can even be pu...
The Whistling Tap  Oh yeah, this is a first for me. I've never run across this before. Just listen to this; I've never heard anything like it until today. Adjusting the shut off valve made no difference, and it only happened on the cold water side. The video is not actually made on my phone, it's...
Here the 'best practice' that I've come across in the last few years is placing the hatch in the door swing space of  a bedroom.    This does several good things; 1.                         It gets it out of tight closets that are difficult to position ladders in. 2.                         It d...
  Curses.. Foiled again! The foibles of faulty .... what is it?..... The gold brownish colour that you see is not true. That's a reflection of the wood paneling colouring. You can see the true colour in the section by the floor and if your guess was aluminum foil insulation / vapour barrier you ...
Nope! This is not an icicle. It's too warm outside, the grass is growing. This is overhead at the top floor rear balcony of a 4 floor condo building that is less than 10 years old. The edge we are seeing is the concrete roof slab which extends out to cover the building-wide balcony areas. So it's...

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