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Bob's Blog is a continuing series of building technology half page or longer articles for Real Estate Professionals, as well as home buyers and home sellers. Information is presented from an experienced construction professional and residential inspector.



Just a Little Puzzle. OK, just a little puzzel? This is the puzzle from Sunday's blog. The idea was to come up with the name of the town "where the title of these blogs comes from,... figure out the name of the 'little mill town'." All the clues are in the first sentence "Long ago and far away on...
Jughandles - A New Definition I bet you thought jughandles were attached to jugs or pitchers so you could lift them and pour.  And that's still true. But I've learned that in New Jersey the term jughande is also used to describe a loop in the road system that controls traffic wanting to turn accr...
Well, Well,Well.......................three holes in the backyard #4 (surprise!) Well, I wasn't planning a 4th in the series but I had stuff left over. And I have a little puzzle (at the end). The earlier blogs in this series discussed blog writing (#1), blog commenting (# 2), and reblogging (#3)...
  Do You Ever Have That Sinking Feeling?............................An OMG FIle. Do you ever feel like you are just floating along, not connected to any thing. Not grounded. Well you might not be if you are on a deck like the one shown below. You can see that the support beam that's been added to...
"  Ch Ch Ch Changes"....Don't Always Improve IT (Your Roof, Your House) .   The Roof View Here's a view of a 'flat' roof that has been shown on some of my other blogs. Flat roofs are not actually flat. They either slope to a central drain or drain to one edge. This angle is gradual so the drop fr...
WTF?.....They Stay There, Move Up, Slide Back and Eventually Creep Ahead. I've got it. I finally figured it out.  Have you ever noticed when you're traveling on a highway, the auto-route or even a turnpike, that there are drivers who you think are passing you but they take forever to do it?  They...
I Know Better, But Poof!...There It Was....Gone !!  I'd spent over half an hour fleshing out this blog I'd started. There was some kind of twitch on the screen. Poof, it was gone! I mean GONE. No back arrow, no undo, no restore button. I reached for them. Of course they weren't there. Why? I wasn...
"Faulty Towers".....Funny,       Faulty Decks.........Dangerous ! Faulty Towers was a hilarious British comedy. it was a sit-com staring one of the founding members of 'Monty Pythons Flying Circus'. Faulty decks though that's a different kind of story, and if you are unlucky it's appearing on a b...
  Jut because it's new, doesn't mean it's right! Some builders are in a hurry. Some just don't care. Flippers can be among the worst. Check out this article.  This is a reblog so link through to the original writer's blog and leave your comments there.   When I am on new construction inspections ...
  This blog has a good comprehensive list of electrical problems that inspectors are on the alert for. The stats at the beginning actually apply to the US but the proportions will be the same here in Canada. Safety conscious home owners will find this informative. This is a reblog so when you wis...

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