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Bob's Blog is a continuing series of building technology half page or longer articles for Real Estate Professionals, as well as home buyers and home sellers. Information is presented from an experienced construction professional and residential inspector.



Well Well Well............................... 3 holes in the backyard, #3 Well, what else can you do to max your AR experience.   It may seem that some are just 'playin' in the rain' to collect points.   And some may be, but we are all working in this industry.   So we're doing this for SEO reaso...
  This is a further development of one of the features in the blog I posted yesterday. Russel Ray has put this together with good graphics that clearly show how to use the feature and where the links and buttons can be found.   This is a re- blog so when you make comments please link through to h...
Well Well Well............................... 3 holes in the backyard, #2 Well, some days you can't find any blogs to comment on. No blogs to comment on. That's daunting.  Sure there are lots of blogs out there but a huge number of them are listings and of course that's to be expected. But many a...
Well Well Well...............................3 holes in the backyard #1 Well, some days you may not feel like writing a blog. I don't know . You're tired.  You don't have any ideas. That's the way I am today. You know?.. Gee could you tell?  Yeah, OK no photos for one thing. Yup . That's a ...
A Man's Home Is His Castle, Right?  Well that's the old school way of saying it. Saying "One's home is ones' castle" may be grammatically and politically correct (gender neutral, for all that.) But it doesn't 'ring' true. Doesn't sound right. So, I say 'a man's home is his castle'. While for a fe...
  Just A Handful Of Nails?   On A Million Dollar House? Yup! A handful of nail is the answer to "what's holding the deck on?" That's pretty shocking on a building valued at a million plus. The nails are Ramset type, a heavy duty concrete nail that is shot into place with a 22 cartridge. They are ...
E-plaid? Is It The Trend Leader? Email Has Defined Snail-Mail. Is E-Plaid the Same? You know what plaid is, right? Those patterns championed by the Scotts. Defining clans and families.  Well that may be so but most of us hear 'you not wearing that today!' when we put on that nice plaid shirt give...
Don't Do As I Do, Do As I Say!............... Don't open the electrical panels. That's my job (or your electricians). We have the training, but there is always a degree of risk. So don't open your panels! Period. Around here the electrical utilities normally lock-out the larger voltage switching ...
  Wether it is hot water equipment like this article discusses or mulit-glazed window units or any other 'new/better' system or technology, it is definitely worth the exercise to look at the numbers. 1 - Calculate the savings verses the cost to buy and install and then 2 - compare the time it wil...
   The FLIP side of the RENO is RESTORE.  A FLIP is a CON even when it stands on edge. As far as I'm concerned flipping is a four letter word. It's a cheat and cover up. Just cleaned and freshened up to show better and sell at an up tick. Buy low, clean up, and sell high. The real clean up is the...

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