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Bob's Blog is a continuing series of building technology half page or longer articles for Real Estate Professionals, as well as home buyers and home sellers. Information is presented from an experienced construction professional and residential inspector.



  For anyone in the Montreal area this weekend, especially the West island, this is one of those you'll regret missing. For those who don't know, the Pointe-Claire village is the original area of the pioneering French farming village that developed this end of the island. Around this the modern ...
  PLEASE DO NOT MOVE DRYER CLOSER TO REAR WALL. (Part 3) Dryer Vent Safety In this series I have included this article (which is reproduced with permission) from my professional association; InterNACHI.  I'm reprinting it with a view to providing some of the reference data for the earlier article...
PLEASE DO NOT MOVE DRYER CLOSER TO REAR WALL. (Part 1) I believe that says it all.  But you must ask, why. Well. a quick glimpse behind the dryer reveals all (photo below). There you can see the plastic flexible duct that will crush if the dryer is pushed any further. It looks like the home owner...
Up Up And Away! ...Scuttle Hatches........Part 3: Insulation as Air Filter This is something that I see quite regularly. Most people forget that the modern attic is not a storage area of the home. It is a structural service area and is a cold zone. It is outside the thermal envelope of the home....
  Even though this article is written by an Atlanta area inspector this a very important and serious problem. These conditions are found everwhere including here in the Montreal area. These are easily fixable situations, that once done, will eliminate significant fire risk. If you are wondering a...
It's Atomic!   It Might Nuke The Sale, But The House Is OK.     I just got back from a consult. I was called in for a second opinion for an issue to do with a garage floor. In this case I was working for the sellers. The buyers were asking for a price reduction because their inspector had identi...
He Got Away. I Didn't Catch Him ...But I Know Where He Lives ! Who do you think has moved in here, Some furry, nut-gathering denizen of the surrounding boreal forest?  No doubt you can picture some cute little anthropomorphized creature that could be friends of Thumper and company. You may, even ...
A Milestone and a New Benchmark For Me..............Thanks To Active Rain. Today I reached a new milestone in my Active Rain participation. I've crossed the 75,000 points mark ! That's a big deal for me. Even though I'd been a member since 2008, I had not been active until this past 6 months. I h...
The Free Pool - A True Story And A Cautionary Tale. This true tale was brought to mind by a photo I saw in Charles Buell's recent blog: Summer time---time to jump in the Pool! His pool shot (photo) reminded me of a local incident. Married friends of mine had kids and bought a house in a near by ...
Here's an article on wood shingled roofs from a colleague on the west coast. We don't see this type in the Montreal area very often. Here this roofing would be used for visual detail rather than construction economy. Please link through to the original article when you leave comments.Shaking it u...

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