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Bob's Blog is a continuing series of building technology half page or longer articles for Real Estate Professionals, as well as home buyers and home sellers. Information is presented from an experienced construction professional and residential inspector.



This is a re posted article from an inspector in another part of North America, but the message and good advice is pertinent to us all.Just like spring time is the time for spring cleaning, Summertime is a great time to take care of all those odds and ends in your home. Especially the exterior on...
This article by my associate James Quarello shows a problem that carpenters are trained to prevent. Some don't understand this and the results are like what we have here. I wrote a similar article this past January.You're walking down the side walk along your street, gazing about, taking in the s...
"When Changing A Light Bulb Just Isn't Enough"                      An "Off The Shelf" Review   The Bulb - There is more to home maintenance than changing light bulbs. So the secondary title for this book is "150 WAYS TO SLASH YOUR HOUSEHOLD BILLS & SAVE ENERGY, TOO" This is for those who are abl...
Carried And Through: ......Bolts Out Of The Blue Jay Markanich's recent blog raised a debate about the use of carriage bolts in outdoor wood structures. Some appear to claim that they are an inferior fastening technology. I say consider the source. Some facts: Carriage bolts were designed to be ...
  This Washington state area inspector wrote this article about the stand pipes for laundry machines. This is important information for home owners and apartment dwellers to be aware of when setting up their washing machines. An error could literally land them in hot water. Dirty soapy hat water ...
This is a serious problem that is prevalent because of amateur or uniformed workmanship. The only railing systems that can be attached onto the deck surface are solid metal types designed to be surface mounted. All wood systems have to pass through the decking and be through bolted into the frami...
The Twisted Fix To Real Victorian Smokers………………………Answer To Mimi’s Question.   Victorian homes had multi-faceted high steep pitched roofs. The Problem: This created downdraft problems for many of the chimneys. They would release smoke into the house and make house keeping cleaning a real chore. O...
E D , Erectile Dysfunction.................................An OMG File. Not what you were expecting?  Well neither was I. I was inspecting the roof with the black shingles, sighting down the soffit for gutter slope when I did a double take on this chimney. O.M. G. indeed. It took a few moments to...

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