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Bob's Blog is a continuing series of building technology half page or longer articles for Real Estate Professionals, as well as home buyers and home sellers. Information is presented from an experienced construction professional and residential inspector.



These guys are rare visitors or itinerants in our Montreal neighbourhoods. They do successfully live and breed here but there is not much 'space ' here in our residential 'flora' for these 'fauna'. So they are occasionally seen but not that common. I was recently in PA this summer. It's lovely co...
In the Montreal area cockroaches are relatively rarely encountered in residential inspections. They can be more common in some types of commercial buildings though, and to say they are rarely encountered does not mean that they are not found.  For those who have to deal with the problem they will...
This is a simple, no cost idea that could help in an emergency. I found this through a re-blog but I'm re-bogging it again so Montreal area cell phone users and real-estate professionals can benefit from this safety tip. Safety Tip:   Do you have ICE on your cell phone? You should... This is not ...
Pointe-Claire 100th Anniversary Celebration - Pointe-Claire Days It's 100 years since the incorporation of Pointe-Claire as a city. And the city is having a bash this weekend. Most of the activities will be in the Village. This is the original area settled, locally called the Pointe-Claire villag...
 The photos themselves tell the story. This article, as well as highlighting some new construction deficiencies, also illustrates the problems inherent with extended and horizontal exhaust duct systems.  This is a reprint of an article by one of my associates, Jay Markanich (VA), and should you w...
This article highlights an all too common problem detail with the siding finishes around doors and windows. Home owners with this and similar siding types should become familiar with how these components work and what is needed for their maintenance. This is a reprint of an article by one of my a...
Know what you are looking at?  Easy, Read the signs, Follow them! DO you know? Well there's a couple of my foot prints there in the attic floor insulation. But there's more. A lot more. All over the place.  They aren't individual tracks like mine. No, they are pathways for much smaller feet.  And...
Telegraphing - Not just the original text messaging system. Calling it the original text message system is a very apt description in todays world, but long before 'text messages' as we know them today appeared, to telegraph had another meaning. To reveal underlying or hidden conditions that are n...
Hello HAIL hole ? Heck no hail hole, that's one of three.......... what? Have a look at this hole, looks like an impact puncture from this angle. Hence the 'hail' in the title. But if hail did this 'damage' there would be lots of other impacts as well. Then I found another one (2nd photo) ;   And...
Here is a good example of the difference between a good inspector and everyone else. Nobody else would have given this tiny plant a second thought. It's far from being an emergency but it exactly the timely information that owners of this property need. This is a re-blog so if you have comments f...

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