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Bob's Blog is a continuing series of building technology half page or longer articles for Real Estate Professionals, as well as home buyers and home sellers. Information is presented from an experienced construction professional and residential inspector.



    A Case Of New Not Being Better ... A Stair Story  (This is # 3 in a series on a single flipped house.) The original exterior stairs of this flipped property had only 2 stringers, but they were bigger and longer, which allowed for a more generous tread width. The slots in the concrete pad (C) ...
  Has A Stately Tree Suddenly Become Firewood?  Has Sandy Rubbed You The Wrong Way? If you have storm damage what can you do?  Is your car under a tree or in some water?  What now? Many people may find themselves in this situation today. You need your car and you need the tree parts or other debr...
 Believe It Or Not, It's Just "Hanging In There". Yes believe it or not this is rot. Ordinary wood rot is the process of decay due to the breakdown of the wood fiber components as they are exposed to mold, micro-organisms, insects and water. This is a complete ecology with the mold eating the woo...
The Double Header: Concentrates the rain to get BOTH shoulders as you walk up the stairs!  (This is #2 in a series on a single flipped house.)   Yes that's right. The original owner of this flipped property installed the gutter system to keep you dry, from the roof runoff at least, when you walk ...
The Pot Light And The Duct: Anybody who appreciates a good turn of phrase will enjoy this artfull done bit of 'toung in cheek' writing. The writer is drawing attention to a serious condition. This is a re-blog article written by Jay Markanich of Bristow, Virginia. Please follow the links to leave...
Most of you probably slept right through it (the quake), Yes - we usually do. That's right, we usually do, or other wise not notice because we're driving or otherwise in motion. Yeah, I'm talking about last night’s earthquake.
Skippity Do Da …Skippity De Day….. Skippy will've skipped, before the water starts to drip.  (This is #1 in a series on a single flipped house.)     Well…we don’t know that ‘Skippy” did it, but Skippy’s tag is on the equipment. That equipment of this flipped property is on the roof (and a few oth...

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