pests: Absence of Body Or Alien Invasion? - 11/06/12 09:24 PM
Absence of Body Or Alien Invasion?

Scary? Yes!
Is it a Halloween prop or a science fiction horror film of alien invasion?
Is it arriving through a bend in space, And Materializing in front of your eyes?
But this is very much an earth bound phenomenon, even though winged beings with multi-faceted eyes and antennae on their heads does sound “out there”.
This is a wasp nest.  Yup!   A big one. And you can be sure it extends in up and under the shingle siding. You can see at least four shingle joints filled with the hive ‘paper’.
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pests: YUCK Cockroaches!!!! - 08/22/11 03:58 PM
In the Montreal area cockroaches are relatively rarely encountered in residential inspections. They can be more common in some types of commercial buildings though, and to say they are rarely encountered does not mean that they are not found. 
For those who have to deal with the problem they will appreciate the eradication, control and abatement measures listed towards the end of this article.
This article is written and presented by a colleague (Brian Halliday), fellow InterNACHI member and associate here on AR (Active Rain). Please leave your comments directly on his blog. Thank you.
Cockroaches are one of the most … (4 comments)

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