puzzle: Just a Little Puzzle. - 05/31/11 05:14 AM
Just a Little Puzzle.
OK, just a little puzzel? This is the puzzle from Sunday's blog.
The idea was to come up with the name of the town "where the title of these blogs comes from,... figure out the name of the 'little mill town'."
All the clues are in the first sentence "Long ago and far away on the western shore of an eastern island province there was a little mill town."
And you are given this hint: "Of course using goggle is allowed."
I did make one error. I should have said 'google maps" specifically.
So use google maps look at … (9 comments)

puzzle: Well Well Well......................3 holes in the backyard, #4 (surprise!) & PUZZLE - 05/29/11 05:13 AM
Well, Well,Well.......................three holes in the backyard #4 (surprise!)
Well, I wasn't planning a 4th in the series but I had stuff left over. And I have a little puzzle (at the end).
The earlier blogs in this series discussed blog writing (#1), blog commenting (# 2), and reblogging (#3).
Well, now I want to draw your attention to another little gem in the AR arsenal and that is Invite Others.
Invite Others can be found 6 up from the bottom on the left side navigation column of your My Home page. Go there by clicking on Invite Others and you are presented with … (5 comments)

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