water damage: "Ch Ch Ch Changes"....Don't Always Improve IT (Your Roof, Your House) . - 05/27/11 04:09 PM
"  Ch Ch Ch Changes"....Don't Always Improve IT (Your Roof, Your House) .
The Roof View
Here's a view of a 'flat' roof that has been shown on some of my other blogs.
Flat roofs are not actually flat. They either slope to a central drain or drain to one edge.
This angle is gradual so the drop from the high part of the roof to the drain is not much. Here it is about 6".
Thats fine when it's just raining and there is no blockage of the drain(s).
Blockage from debris is only a concern if you have … (3 comments)

water damage: One, Two, Three, You Can't Hide From Me! - 05/05/11 04:08 AM
One, Two, Three, You Can't Hide From Me!
   The First Clue
  Here the street face of the painted basement concrete wall is blistered.
 The other adjacent units are not. They have smooth solid paint surfaces.
Blistering paint is caused by water escaping from underneath.
This means the walls are wet or are getting water from some where.
The most common sources are conditions found higher up the walls or from the roof.

   The Second Clue
  This is over head on the same front wall. This is the roof soffit.
Now the dirt on the top of … (6 comments)

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