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    There are a few brands of electrical panels that have had some concerns regarding safety over the years. One such panel is Federal Pacific. It has a style of breaker called stab lock. They were involved in a class action suit many years ago due to some testing that showed the breakers have a ...
As many of you know, tags are useful in linking keywords to your blog. In my case, Marquette, Michigan is one of my primary inspection areas. I've been doing SEO for some years now, so will share a small tip. The title of this blog will bring me more customers in Marquette than the tags will. For...
Hey all, Just a quick note to vent about an issue that has been nawing at me lately. I am involved in a number of events and associations, sit on a couple boards...ect. and schedule myself to be available to particiapte in volunteer activities. Lately, it seems, people keep asking me for help wit...
  One of the benefits of having a home inspected is knowing what you're getting into regarding up-front repair costs. Still, there are times when a component or system could break down between the time of the inspection and the closing. That is why I offer a limited Home Warranty to my clients on...
The Great Bear Chase of 2010 turned out to be quite a success today. Even with 2 weeks of warm weather and some rain, we managed to keep the course in nice shape.  If you're not in Calumet, Michigan this weekend, you have indeed missed an exciting time. As Chief of Course for the Bear Chase, my ...
Here is one good reason why people should get a home inspection!!  I inspected this home a few days ago and ran across the above situation.  Can you see the potential problem here?    As a general rule, it's not a good idea to keep a plugged in lamp next to the kitchen sink.  In this case, the l...
I got a phone call today from a potential customer seeking a home inspection. She did have some very relevent questions and was well informed about some of the aspects a home inspection should include. However, her first question was what do I charge. I gave her my rate and then she told me that ...
  The 30th annual Great Bear Chase is just around the corner. For anyone interested in Cross Country Skiing, this is one of the premier events of the winter season, and is held annually in Historic Calumet, Michigan. This year, the race will be on Saturday, March 13th, and will have three classes...

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