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When buying a home, how do you know it's listed at a fair price? I've got a bit of experience (bought 6 homes over the years) as a home buyer and in my view it generally boils down to 3 things.The first is location. Is it on a desirable lot? does that lot have value added things such as old growt...
 How does Marquette stack up compared to other counties in the UP? As many of you know, Radon is a gas that can enter and accumulate in homes (actually the decaying by products do). As you also know, high levels of Radon are known to be the second leading cause of lung cancer.As a whole, upper Mi...
The ActiveRain community has been a part of my life for around ten years, so in that pioneer spirit, here's a tip to help prod a few of you into embracing some technology I live by that will help your brand.Being a marketing major in college taught me a few things. One was that in order for peopl...

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