buying a home: Home's Hidden Secrets - 01/28/15 05:41 AM

Even on newer construction, I often find code violations that affect the value of a property. Toilets, for instance, that won't flush well because the sewer stack is undersized (but appears to be proper sized). In my view, after many years as a home inspector, the buyer should most always get a potential purchase inspected and then the appraisal should be built off that base. It would be more accurate.

buying a home: ALWAYS BE PREPARED - 02/26/09 01:28 AM

I know we are all waiting for spring. For now, it is important to keep the weather in mind when searching for your dream home. Ideally, the driveway will be shoveled or at least there will be a clear path to the front door. I do run into situations where this is not the case. The buyers for this farmhouse below came
prepared; they brought their own snow shoes! Of course, I had mine along as well. In doing so, I, and the buyers, were able to get a closeup look at the outside of the home. Among other … (1 comments)

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